‘Lucifer’ Season Four, Episode Nine Recap: “Save Lucifer”


There are only two more episodes for us to recap in the newest season of Lucifer. Are you watching along with us? Let’s talk about the ninth episode, “Save Lucifer.”

Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned!

The episode starts with a realtor visiting a house with a client. The company is owned by Megan and Moira Murphy, and the realtor is their sister Beth. While talking to the client, Beth opens the garage, and they find Megan seemingly killed by Moira, who is holding a hammer.

Lucifer arrives at the precinct, and Chloe ta;ls to him about their last conversation. Lucifer interrupts and tells her he made a breakthrough: “I hate myself.” Chloe doesn’t think it’s a good thing, but Lucifer doesn’t agree and says he had an epiphany and is convinced that all of his problems will go away. Chloe wants to continue talking, but they need to get to the crime scene. Ella notices some sort of rash (“Lucifer, this is the worst case of psoriasis I’ve ever seen!”) and goes to get him some ointment.

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We then cut to Eve crying and Maze searching for her weapons to punish Lucifer. Eve doesn’t want her to hurt him, she just wants him back. Maze looks at Eve and tell her that he is a idiot. Eve asks Maze for help getting Lucifer back, not realizing that it is killing her. Maze tells a tale of how the demons could take over a human body but that Lucifer has forbidden it, so they will need to try the old-fashioned way.

Lucifer arrives on the crime scene and puts on gloves. Ella gives the facts of the murder and then notices that Lucifer is wearing gloves and asks if the cream worked. They are interrupted by Maze and Eve’s arrival on a motorcycle. They came to offer their services to track Moira. Lucifer is surprised, and Chloe remarks than no bounty has been put out yet. Lucifer goes to talk to Eve who tells him that she was hurt, but it’s for the best and that she is having fun with Maze.

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Maze calls her to leave and congratulates her on how she dealt with Lucifer. But they are disappointed to see that he doesn’t even look back.

Chloe and Lucifer go inside, and Lucifer shows her his hand, which is now completely red. Chloe tries to be reassuring.

Lucifer shows up at Linda’s office furious and shows her his hand. Linda is in pain but says it is just Braxton Hicks. Linda tries to convince Lucifer he needs to find why he hates himself. Lucifer goes to Daniel to try to understand. Daniel gives him a list of reasons, but Lucifer knows them already and asks for him to go deeper. Daniel then tells him, “You are the reason Charlotte Richards is dead.” Lucifer doesn’t accept that and walks away.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Ella are talking about the case, and Ella asks herself how someone can kill another with the exact same face. Lucifer realizes Moira must hate herself, and it could help him with his problem. Daniel comes in to tell them that Moira’s last call was to her accountant.

Maze and Eve are at the accountant’s office waiting for Lucifer. Maze is trying to open Eve’s eyes to the possibility of dating someone else, but Eve only thinks it would be a good way to make Lucifer jealous. She kisses Maze when she sees that Lucifer is coming. Lucifer and Chloe interrogate the accountant and he reveals that Moira called to accuse him of killing Megan and that he didn’t do it.

Eve is trying to make Lucifer jealous, but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Maze is watching them clearly unhappy. The accountant tells Chloe that Megan has taken over the company’s finances and dropped files at his office upset. Chloe goes to Lucifer to hide his neck since it is also red now. Eve is unhappy with by the interruption. The files are missing.

Amenadiel and Linda are talking about names for the baby. Linda wants mainstream names like Jack, and Amenadiel angel names like Azmortiel, which is mainstream in the Silver City. Linda remarks he won’t live there and Amenadiel agrees, clearly hiding something.

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Lucifer arrives at the precinct excusing himself to Chloe and realizing he has been talking to Eve dressed like Chloe. Lucifer is puzzled by her attitude and goes to join the detective to interrogate Moira. Eve smiles, thinking her plan is working. Lucifer barges in, asking if killing her sister helped with her self-hatred. Moira denies killing her sister and tells Lucifer and Chloe that she did contact Megan because of an overdraft in the company’s account. She found Megan at the house and ran, because she looked guilty and wanted to find the killer. Moira tells Chloe that Megan’s husband could be the killer. Chloe interrupts her when she sees that Lucifer’s eyes are red.

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Daniel is going to his car and is frightened by Maze hiding in the back seat. Daniel asks for forgiveness for what he said at Lux. Maze accepts his apology, and that makes Dan realize he was right. (“I was right about you and Eve, wasn’t I?”) Maze asks why he is thinking that. Dan answers, “Because I’ve never seen you look at anyone the way you looked at her. Like you weren’t thinking about stabbing them.” Dan then urges Maze to not lose time with Eve like he did with Charlotte and that she should tell Eve her feelings. Maze says she tried, and Dan advises her to make a grand gesture.

Megan’s husband leaves the precinct when Lucifer exits the elevator with sunglasses on. Nothing can be found against him, and Chloe explains Megan died at least thirty minutes before Moira’s arrival at the house, so the husband is still the better suspect. Chloe sees Eve at her desk dressed like her and is disturbed. Eve has a plan to catch the killer.

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She proceeds to tell everyone they found a copy of the files and that Moira is going to sell the company with the fake files presented at Lux. Chloe recognizes it’s a good idea. Lucifer tells Eve. “Well done, Detective.” Eve is ecstatic.

Chloe arrives at Lucifer’s flat ready for the party. Lucifer doesn’t want to go, because he thinks the prophecy is coming true and wonders what kind of monster he is. Chloe informs Lucifer that she is going to get Father Kinley transferred to interrogate him, and she gives Lucifer a devil’s mask. They go to the masquerade and wait for Megan’s husband. Chloe goes to see Moira, and Eve takes the opportunity to talk to Lucifer. She wants to come back since she can give him what he needs. Lucifer shows her his eyes and asks her why she doesn’t hate him. She responds, “I treated you horribly. I hurt you. I used you.” She says she loves him. He tells her she shouldn’t.

Just after that, Maze does her grand gesture: “This is for a special girl. A grand gesture to help redefine things.” And she starts to sing “Wonderwall” while looking at Eve. Maze is emotional, and Eve tells her it was beautiful. Maze dares to hope when Eve says that her message is received but is crushed again when Eve declares she knows now how to get Lucifer back.

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Ella reveals that she knows that Dan is the one who told Tiernan about Lucifer breaking his son’s back. She tells him she deleted the records and won’t turn him in. Dan is pissed and asks why everyone excuses his actions. Ella tries to get through to him by saying he is in pain and that he should get help.

At Lux, Moira receives a call saying that Megan’s husband won’t come. Lucifer removes his mask and Chloe can see Lucifer’s full devil face.

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Chloe is informed that Kinley escaped. We next see Kinley tied up by Maze and Eve. Eve wants Father Kinley to help Lucifer see that the prophecy is false. She introduces herself, and he realizes she is Lucifer’s first love. He says he can’t help since he is convinced now that the prophecy is true.

Lucifer’s power is getting out of control, and people surround him and tell him their desires. Chloe tries to get him to the elevator, and someone says, “I want that thumb drive. I need it.” Chloe grabs the woman who we see is Beth. Chloe asks her why she desires the files on the drive. And Beth replies, “Because I didn’t want anyone to know what I have done.”

Dan is at Linda’s office. He confesses to being angry at Lucifer since Charlotte’s death, but it’s not his fault. Dan recognizes having done stupid things. Linda asks him if he wants to punish himself, and he nods. Linda says he couldn’t have saved her and that it will take time to heal.

They are interrupted by Linda’s water breaking! Maze receives a text about the baby’s impending arrival. Eve wants her to torture the priest, but Maze declines, saying he is fanatic and it will not work. Eve tries to find another plan, and Maze finally loses it: “Lucifer doesn’t love you!” She continues: “I’m sorry, but sometimes you have to accept when someone doesn’t feel the same way about you.” She is clearly not talking about Lucifer and Eve anymore. She leaves to go to the hospital.

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Beth explains she was the black sheep of the family and that Moira never believed in her. Megan was different, so she permitted Beth to help with the financial side. Beth invested money from the company to help found her own company but lost all of it. Megan discovered this and said her twin was right about her, which made Beth lose her temper. She couldn’t say the truth and wonders “Maybe Moira was right about me… maybe I do ruin everything I touch.” Lucifer agrees with her but is talking about himself.

Maze finds Linda having the baby and supports her with Amenadiel. Chloe wants to go after Kinley, but it’s too late. Lucifer has his full devil body including the wings. Linda and Amenadiel are with the baby after the birth. Amenadiel suggests naming the baby Charlie, in memory of Charlotte. He takes Charlie and tells him his plan to take him to Heaven forever.

Eve is stressed and tries to think where to take Lucifer. Father Kinley tells her he has an idea where they should go: Hell. Eve doesn’t think Lucifer wants to go back, and Kinley tries to convice her that it will solve everything and that she should remind him of the welcome he will get in Hell. Eve has an idea: “Maze said that demons can enter the bodies of the recently dead.” A demon could come and convince him. She is starting to free Kinley and needs someone who is going die and go to Hell to deliver the message. Kinley attacks her to stop the prophecy, and Eve kills him and tells him to deliver the prophecy. He wonders why she is convinced he is going to Hell. “Just an hunch,” she answers.

Lucifer knows why he hates himself. “Because everything I touch, I ruin.” Chloe has a hard time looking at him at first but tells him it is not about her but him and that she is okay. “If I turn around, will you be fine or will you look away in horror?” he asks her.

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Chloe says, “You always talk about how much you hate being blamed for humanity’s sins. You know, ‘The Devil made me do it,’ and I think I know why you hate it so much. because deep down, you blame yourself just as much if not more!” She tells him he needs to forgive himself. Lucifer doesn’t know how, but he wants to. He begins to change back.

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The episode ends with Father Kinley opening his eyes.

Stay tuned for the season finale recap, coming soon!

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