Five Reasons to Love Michael From ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

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With the new show Roswell, New Mexico came a brand new cast and story, which is a ways off from the high school setting of its predecessor, the original Roswell. For long-time fans of the original television show and the book series, there were certainly some big shoes to fill as it relates to well-known and loved characters.

Last week, we explored Roswell, New Mexico‘s take on Max Evans. Max’s brother, Michael Guerin, is another fascinating character that has intrigued us right from the start.

So what exactly is so great about Michael? Let us dig a little deeper into our reasoning below.

1. He is portrayed by Michael Vlamis

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Vlamis is truly a hidden gem, and we feel very fortunate to have him in a leading role on the show. Michael Guerin is a complex character, bruised and broken but fighting to mask it all for the sake of getting through each day, and Vlamis was clearly the perfect casting choice for this role. He does not just do this character justice—he truly brings him to life in such a way that makes the audience heavily invested in his story right from day one.

2. He will do anything for his family

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Despite the struggles that Michael has faced, he will do anything to protect his family. As adults, they have definitely had their issues, but he seemingly puts them first no matter what the situation is. Most recently, as the inevitable reveal of their terrible secret began to loom closer on the horizon, Michael was ready and willing to take the fall for what happened to Rosa in order to guarantee the safety of Max and Isobel.

3. There is more to him, underneath his rough exterior

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Michael Guerin is the town of Roswell’s brooding bad boy, seemingly the type of guy you may want to think twice about bringing home to meet the parents. If Master Sergeant Jesse Manes’ comments are anything to go by, it is clear that he does not have the best reputation among the townsfolk. That being said, we have already been given a few glimpses at what lies beneath that rough exterior. When Isobel questions if there truly is nobody that he would risk everything to save, he glances across the room to where Alex is sitting. Later, Alex pours his heart out to him, and Michael—in a surprising turn of events—finally drops the facade and confirms his true feelings.

4. He is the underdog

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Michael was separated from Max and Isobel when they were children in foster care, because they were adopted (together) before him. In a conversation with Isobel, he is upfront about the fact that he was and still is bitter about that. He also lives alone in his trailer, while his brother is a bit more well-off living his life as a cop, and his sister is happily married. His only romantic relationship that we know anything about is fraught with pain and issues from the past. To sum things up, Michael has been dealt a very rough hand in life. For this reason, there is a certain level of satisfaction for the audience when Michael has fleeting moments of the happiness that he deserves—like his night spent with Alex in his trailer. We are collectively rooting for Michael to succeed, because we know he deserves it.

5. Bisexual representation

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Bisexual representation is still regrettably few and far between on major television networks, so it is an incredibly big deal to have a bisexual lead on the show. Most importantly, Michael’s sexuality is in no way a fleeting plot point constructed for convenience—it is just part of who the character is. The show has also not been shy about diving headfirst into the by-product of the tumultuous and sizzling chemistry between Michael and Alex Manes, as they shared a passionate kiss right from the get-go in the pilot episode.

Michael Guerin, we love you.

Catch up on all the current episodes of Roswell, New Mexico here, and watch the next episode live on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 9/8c.

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