Wednesday, March 22, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: New Images + Clip from Matt Cohen’s ‘Mama Bear’! Last Day for the Campaign!

MOVIESMAMA BEAREXCLUSIVE: New Images + Clip from Matt Cohen's 'Mama Bear'! Last Day...

Today is officially the last day for the Indiegogo campaign for Matt Cohen’s Mama Bear! In celebration, we’re releasing three exclusive new images from Mama Bear, as well as a brand new clip!

The images feature Matt, Mandy Musgrave, David Haydn-Jones, Kim Rhodes and Gabriel Tigerman. There’s many amazing perks you can receive, starting at just $5! You can get a social media shoutout by Matt, a digital viewing of the film, a thank you credit in the film, signed photos, video shoutouts, signed scripts, christmas cards, t-shirts, and more!

You can also click ‘back it’ on Indiegogo to support the campaign if you would not like a perk. Matt’s already raised over $41,000 at the time of this article. BACK THE CAMPAIGN HERE!

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Check out the images and clip below!

Matt Cohen and David Haydn-Jones in ‘Mama Bear’ – Courtesy of Matt Cohen
Gabriel Tigerman, Mandy Musgrave, Kim Rhodes in ‘Mama Bear’ – Courtesy of Matt Cohen
Matt Cohen, Mandy Musgrave ‘Mama Bear’ – Courtesy of Matt Cohen

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