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BIRTHDAY PROJECT: Rob Benedict, Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen

CHARITIESBIRTHDAY PROJECT: Rob Benedict, Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen
Photo By Stardust & Melancholy

Welcome to the birthday project for Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr! These three, who fans like to collectively call “R2M”, are some of our staff’s favorites and have been nothing but supportive to our site and our staff, so we thought we’d give a little of what we could back.

The three of them share birthdays all within the same month, so we decided to come together to launch the R2M Birthday Project! Rich’s birthday is September 4, Rob’s birthday is September 21, and Matt’s birthday is September 28.


How to Get Involved

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Want to get involved in the project? Here’s how. We’re asking you to donate directly to the charity for the person you’re donating for, to celebrate their birthday.

For Rob, that will be the National Stroke Association. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

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For Rich, that will be Feeding America. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

For Matt, that will be Random Acts. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Donate any amount you can, and then send us an email at staff@nerdsandbeyond.com with a screenshot of your confirmation and how much you donated, so that we can add it to the totals for how much is raised. (Please crop/blur out your personal info!) Your name will be added to this post at the end, as a list of donors.  **You MUST email us the screenshot in order to be included in the total, the list of donors, and be eligible to win the prize packs!!**

This campaign will run until September 1.


The Goals

The goal is to raise $500 for each of the three charities.


The Swag

For anyone who donates, we will be giving away four prize packs. One for each of the actors, as well as a fourth general “Supernatural” prize pack. If you donate towards Rich’s charity, you will be entered for Rich’s prize pack and the general Supernatural one, etc. Same for Rob and Matt.

If you donate to all three, you’ll be entered to win all four prize packs (while you’ll be entered to win any of the four, you’re only eligible to win one – not all four!). Also, it is one entry per donor, not donation amount!


The drawings will be done at the end of the campaign, on September 2nd, by a random name generator.

Rich’s prize pack will include:

Rob’s prize pack will include:

Matt’s prize pack will include:

The Supernatural prize pack will include:


The Delivery

Members of our staff will be at the Supernatural convention in Indianapolis, IN, at the end of September. They will deliver three cards to R2M with the donation amount and the list of donors.


The Counters

Rob Benedict [National Stroke Association]
[thermometer raised=685 target=500 width=15% align=center alt=off]

Rich Speight, Jr. [Feeding America]
[thermometer raised=540 target=500 width=15% align=center alt=off]

Matt Cohen [Random Acts]
[thermometer raised=535 target=500 width=15% align=center alt=off]

The Donors

Mary M.

Judy B.

Nicky H.

Janessa H.

Charlotte B.

Jana K.

Katie M.

Anika B.

Carsten K.

Chloé C.

Erika S.

Jackie L.

Daria Z.

Beth V.

Angelina S.

Angelique P.

Inés F.

Gabrielle E.

Amy A.

Velda M.

Nancy D.

Shelby T.

Stephanie S.

Heather L.

Melanie B.

Emma H.


Vanessa Q.

Rachel J.

Lauren W.

Cate F.

Breanna D.

Catherine G.

Muriel F.

Nancy M.

Tricia A.

Hope S.

Kaity B.

Em R.

Barb J.

Alisa K.

Natasha L.

Karyl F.

Kelli L.

Bev B.

Emily B.

Sarah R.

Nicole B.

Lada B.

Sarah W.


Victoria G.

Michael T.

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