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Hayden Lee Announces Stageit Show for September 22

Hayden Lee has a new 30-minute Stageit titled “I Miss Us” happening this Sunday, September 22, at 1:30 p.m. ET! Ummmmmmm….yeahhhhhhhh. I can’t help myself. It’s been awhile, and I have a LOT to tell you. I’ve been a busy little bee. 🐝. Hope that you can join me!! The...

Hayden Lee Launches Kickstarter for New Album

Hayden Lee has announced the Kickstarter Campaign to help fund his fourth album. He will be teaming up with some talented friends and is offering up some pretty spectacular rewards for backers. “It’s been 4 years since I’ve done any sort of album, and, well, I have more than enough...

Happy Birthday, Hayden Lee!

All of us here at Nerds and Beyond want to wish Hayden Lee a very happy birthday! Hayden is one of our favorite musicians, and we are very glad to be celebrating this wonderful day with him. Here’s to many more! You can read our interview with Hayden here!