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Tricia is a full-time receptionist and mom of two who still manages to find a whole lot of time to waste on the Internet. She posts frequently on Twitter sharing hilarious things her children say, posting way too many selfies, and bragging and/or complaining about her husband (depending on the day). Tricia’s passionate about pretty much everything she loves, and is often found yelling in caps about all things Supernatural, Louden Swain, Harry Potter, and fan fiction.

Video/Photo: Jensen Ackles Welcomed as Bacchus in New Orleans

Jensen Ackles may not reign as Bacchus at The Krewe of Bacchus until Sunday, March 3rd, but he made his first appearance in New...

Watch Jensen Ackles Live at the Krewe of Bacchus This Sunday

In case you missed it, last month Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Days of Our Lives) was announced as Bacchus for the 51st Krewe of Bacchus, which is...

One Year Later: Danneel Ackles as Sister Jo on ‘Supernatural’

On this day in 2018, Danneel Ackles made her highly anticipated debut in Season 13 of Supernatural. Since then she's been in three episodes and...

Release Date for ‘Love Under the Rainbow’ Starring David Haydn-Jones Revealed

David Haydn-Jones (Supernatural, A Bramble House Christmas) stars alongside Jodie Sweetin (Full House, Fuller House) in the upcoming movie Love Under The Rainbow. According to It's...

‘The Buddy Games’ Featuring Jensen Ackles Premieres at Mammoth Film Festival

The second annual Mammoth Film Festival kicks off today and runs until February 11, 2019. Several movies will premiere at this event, including the...

‘Supernatural’ 300th Episode: Watch John & Mary’s Reunion

Supernatural is airing its 300th episode on Thursday, and in order to help celebrate the momentous occasion, EW has released an exclusive clip from...

VIDEO: Watch a Clip From ‘Supernatural’s’ 300th Episode

Supernatural fans everywhere know that next week's episode is the highly anticipated 300th episode of the season. Plenty of spoilers about "Lebanon" have already been...

VIDEO: Watch ‘Supernatural’ Scene from “Prophet and Loss”

Supernatural is back on Thursday with an all-new episode titled "Prophet and Loss." After the heavy ending to the last episode, fans are on...

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