Film Review: ‘The Weight of Gold’ Is a Revealing Look Into the Mental Health of Olympians

Note: this documentary contains frank discussions of mental illness and suicide that

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Review: Dave Franco’s Directorial Debut, ‘The Rental’, Is an Unnerving, Chilling Hit

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Movie Review: Bringing Broadway to Your Living Room with ‘Hamilton’ on Disney+

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Review: ‘Love, Victor’ Is a Triumph

Note: This review will contain spoilers. In 2018, 20th Century Studios released

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Movie Review: “Fowl” Play Is Afoot in Disney’s ‘Artemis Fowl’

Artemis Fowl follows a child genius, Artemis Fowl Jr., and his bodyguard

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Review: Learn About Song Writing ‘It All Begins with a Song’

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Film Review: Pete Davidson Delivers Breakout Performance in ‘The King of Staten Island’

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Review: Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ Shoots for the Moon and Lands

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