‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 “End This Way”


On tonight’s episode of Walker, things heated up between the Walker family after Stella ran away, and the search for the Jackal continued.

Let’s dive in!

Stella’s Escape

The episode opens with a montage of Stella driving, as flashbacks of everything leading up to the events of her fleeing run through her head.

Back at the ranch, Liam, Augie, and Geri are discussing everything — Liam and Augie arguing while Geri is trying to be the mediator. Bonham and Abeline come over after hearing the commotion, and Augie tells them what happened. Bonham tells Geri to call Cordell, and Liam tells her to keep it vague. Cordell answers, but he’s in the motel room investigating the Jackal. He tells her that there’s a gazebo he thinks she could be at, so he’ll stop by there and check it out. He also tells her to call Larry to see if they can help track her down.

Larry, Trey, and the Rangers arrive at the Walker ranch, and Larry asks to look at Stella’s browsing history while they also check red light cameras. He says he’s going to send Cassie out to help Cordi. Abeline is quiet, zoned out, and tells Larry thank you.

Liam angrily slams dishes in the kitchen and Geri walks in; Liam vents about Stella and how she should have talked to him. Geri tells Liam the best thing he can do is start forgiving her because she’s going to need a lot of forgiveness once this is done. Geri takes over the dishes from Liam and tells him to go take out his anger chopping wood or something.

The Search for the Necklace

Stella arrives at an abandoned field, and Joanna pulls up in a car — with her henchman and Sadie, who they kidnapped. Joanna says she wants the necklace for Sadie, and Stella tries to bargain with her with the letter that Hoyt had. Joanna doesn’t agree, and Stella burns the letter. Stella agrees to take Joanna to where the necklace is and also tells Sadie that Joanna is her grandmother.

On the way to the necklace, Sadie talks to Joanna about them being family and her kidnapping her. Joanna tells her she’s a stranger. Stella tries to give Joanna directions, but Joanna says she’s known for the last ten minutes where they were going — Hoyt’s childhood home.

They enter the old house and start tearing it apart looking for the necklace. Stella and Sadie get a second alone, and Stella tells Sadie that she doesn’t have a plan yet, but she will and to look for a signal.

Sadie ends up in Hoyt’s old room and finds a picture of him as a child. Joanna comes in and tells her that she’s the reason that all of this is happening. Sadie did a DNA test and it tipped her off, and she thought he would have left it for her. Sadie says she thought she was in jail, and that she’s been looking for this necklace for a long time — that the cops took the necklace from her and found out it was worth $800,000. Joanna says no one in the world is really looking out for you, and the best thing she ever did for Hoyt was leaving. Sadie says she talked to Abby Walker a lot about Hoyt, and says the Walkers were his family.

Abeline and Joanna

Abeline is distracted, and Bonham asks her what’s going on — she says she actually wrote a letter to Joanna once Hoyt passed. She never responded. Abeline says she better not hurt Stella and that if she does, the Rangers better find her first because she’ll kill her if she does. Trey interrupts that he’s got something, and they were able to track Stella’s car and Geri puts the pieces together of where she is. Abby, however, goes missing and they hear the car take off — she knows where the house is and is going after Joanna.

Joanna threatens them again, and Stella tells her she thinks it’s in the fireplace. They find the bag that it was in behind a brick, but it’s empty. Joanna’s henchman turns on her realizing he won’t get paid now and right before he tries to shoot Joanna, Stella yells “SIGNAL” at Sadie and the girls take him down. Joanna goes to run and opens the front door, only to be met by the barrel of a shotgun and Abeline Walker behind it.

The Rangers arrive, and they handcuff Joanna and her henchman. Stella runs over to Liam and gives him a hug and apologizes, and Liam says he forgives her. The Rangers sit Joanna on the porch, and Abeline asks for a minute alone with her. Abeline talks to Joanna about Hoyt, and that watching him grow up was one of the greatest blessings of her life. She says she feels nothing but pity for her because she couldn’t see the treasure she had in Hoyt. Abeline tells her it didn’t have to end this way, and Joanna says she always knew it would end this way.

Cassie and Luna

Cassie and Luna are getting ready to go meet a friend of his, Ed. At the Side Step, a band plays as Cassie, and Luna meet up with Luna’s friend. Right off the bat, he’s negative about The Side Step, as well as everything Austin — and Luna tells him he’s moving to Austin. Cassie goes to take a call from Larry, and as she comes back, Luna says he’s moving here because he loves Cassie. She hears it but doesn’t say anything as she and Luna leave to go meet Cordell.

As they arrive at the lake, Luna apologizes for his friend and asks if Cassie heard what he said, and she tells him she did. He apologizes for her hearing it that way, and he tells her he loves her again.

The Necklace Revealed

Geri, Sadie, and Stella are sitting around the back of an ambulance, and Stella apologizes to both of them. Stella also shows them something — she has the necklace. She knew where it was the whole time, so she drove over before meeting with Joanna and grabbed it. There was also a note with the necklace, and she gives it to Geri. Geri, however, gives it to Sadie and says it belongs with her as Hoyt’s daughter. The note says it was “given to one of our ancestors by a dear friend” (fun note: meaning Abigail Walker in Walker: Independence, who wore the necklace all through the series, gave it to the Hoyt Rawlins in Independence.), but he wanted the necklace to stay in his family. Geri reiterates that Sadie should have it, and Sadie says it should actually go back to the museum.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Where’s Cordell?

Cassie and Luna arrive, and Larry asks where Cordi is. Cassie said she never met up with him at the lake, they tried to call but he didn’t pick up. Trey said he texted him earlier but he never responded.

It cuts to Cordi lying in his bed at home, and waking up. He goes down to the kitchen and sees August and Stella. However, they mention Emily, and it flashes to Cordi being tied up and being fed a spoonful of blended food. He’s also injected with poison in his neck. It goes back to Cordi’s dream/hallucination, and he says, “Emily?” before the episode ends. Cordi has been taken by the Jackal.

Walker airs Wednesday nights on The CW. You can catch up the next day on the CW app.

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