‘WIND BREAKER’: Six Reasons To Watch This New Delinquent Anime


Have you watched this spring anime season’s new delinquent series — WIND BREAKER? Yes? Amazing, great taste. Carry on! … but if your answer was no, settle in, because you’re about to find out why exactly you should be binging it right now.

Adapted from Satoru Nii’s ongoing Japanese action-adventure manga series, WIND BREAKER follows the story of Haruka Sakura. A loner who has no time for people who aren’t strong, Haruka has one goal when he starts to attend Furin High School — he’ll fight his way to the top of the delinquents of Bofurin. However, as he finds himself entangled with his classmates in a town known for its territorial disputes, he learns a thing or two about strength and friendship along the way.

So … why should you watch WIND BREAKER?

Our Fantastic Protagonist: Haruka Sakura

Often times, it’s not uncommon for a shonen protagonist to be your typical unsung, eager underdog who goes on an arduous journey to become stronger and overcome obstacles (so on and so forth). Haruka Sakura, on the other hand, doesn’t need to get any stronger than he already is — and he’s well aware of that fact … but he does have some other things to work on. This is a journey of mental growth for a tsundere protagonist who, essentially, has an internal crisis every time he starts feeling a little too in touch with his emotions.

Haruka may only be a high school student, but he’s lived a life up until this point that has necessitated he build up walls to keep others out, leaving him convinced that the only person that he needs is himself. Right from the get go when he transfers to Furin and arrives in town, he’s brash and short with everyone that he meets. However, nobody at Furin seems put off by this. Rather, his new friends (while he may argue over that title) accept him with open arms. For Haruka, WIND BREAKER is a story about learning how to break down your walls to let others in and embrace the important of friendship and human connection. Throughout the anime so far and beyond into the manga, it’s equal parts entertaining and wholesome to watch this character change and grow.

A Strong Ensemble Cast

Now, that being said, Haruka Sakura may be our leading protagonist, but he’s not the only character that steals the spotlight. If you tend to gravitate toward anime with an entire ensemble of characters, rather than focusing on a single individual, WIND BREAKER is a certifiable gold mine of Neat Little Guys™ — from Bofurin’s unbeatable Hajime Umemiya, to the ever wise Hayato Suo, to the enthusiastic Akihiko Nirei, to the disgruntled Kyotaro Sugishita.

This series also has a penchant for layered antagonists and redemption. Even when Bofurin is up against another team, like the ruthless Shishitoren, it becomes more and more difficult to dislike characters like Second-in-Command Jo Togame when they’re given personality and depth with emotional, hard-hitting beats. As the show progresses further into the manga, the list of compelling characters (both those in Bofurin who we have yet to meet and the other various teams that they encounter) will only continue to grow exponentially.

The Animation and Fight Choreography

WIND BREAKER is, of course, full of physical fight scenes throughout its various arcs — it is a delinquent series, after all. And they look damn good on-screen. CloverWorks did an incredible job at bringing these fights to life, lifting them from the pages of the manga and choreographing each kick, punch, jump, and fall to build a gripping, dynamic animation sequence.

The Character Designs

What’s better than a fun show with a bunch of Neat Little Guys™?

A bunch of Neat Little Guys™ who all have their own unique, interesting, and visually-appealing character designs (with our grumpy bi-colored hair protagonist as a centerpiece). WIND BREAKER touts a brilliant array of character designs, which translate brilliantly on-screen and are further enhanced as they’re given the full-color, animated treatment.

A Story With Heart

WIND BREAKER may center around a group of delinquent high schoolers and the various fights they find themselves entangled in, but at its core, this is a story with heart. There are countless life lessons and strong sentiments to be found throughout, such as: Umemiya’s unwaveringly positive leadership methods; the power of a support system and healthy friendships between teenage boys; the strength that can be found when you learn to work together; and the importance of maintaining one’s sense of morality.

Choose Your Fighter: Subbed or Dubbed

Finally, if you prefer to watch your anime dubbed, good news — the English dub of WIND BREAKER is already out! Releasing on a weekly basis, the dub is currently a couple episodes behind the Japanese version. Several other languages are available as well.

WIND BREAKER is now streaming on Crunchyroll. Once you’re all caught up on the anime, make sure to dive into the manga, volumes of which are available in English from Kodansha.

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