Boys Like Girls Releases Their First New Single After 11 Years

Boys Like Girls is back after over 10 years with a brand new single.

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Matty Vogel

Boys Like Girls is back after 11 years with a new single, “Blood and Sugar.”

The single is available on all streaming platforms along with an official music video posted to the band’s YouTube account.

The song explores the themes of loving something no matter how bad the consequences may be in the end, with lead singer As Martin saying, “Thematically the song is fairly simple, an empty calorie relationship that’s so delicious you don’t care. You’re willing to deal with the crash. It continues to beat you down yet you keep coming back for more pain…almost like you’ve learned to love it. Why this obsession? We’re only skin and bone. Humans. Just blood and sugar, really. I think everyone has an infatuation with something bad for them. Cigarettes. Sports gambling. Porn. Internet validation. Pills that change the way you feel. Buying too many shoes. I know I spend a lot of time trying to fill the empty hole where drugs used to be. I spend most of the time trying to fill that hole with ‘perfection.’ But in the end…nobody’s perfect. Hey. We’re only blood and sugar, right?”

Matty Vogel

While the band was touring worldwide periodically through the last decade, this marks their return to producing new songs with many more on the way after signing with Fearless/Concord Records. Their previous hits include their albums Boys Like Girls and Love Drunk with Platinum-certified hits “The Great Escape” and “Love Drunk,” as well as Gold-certified hits “Hero/Heroine” and “Thunder.” Also not to be forgotten, the Platinum-certified, BMI award-winning Hot 100 duet with Taylor Swift, “Two Is Better Than One.”

“I think of it as a relationship with a bunch of empty calories,” Johnson reveals. “You’re talking about how human beings are just blood and sugar. You might fear this girl, but we’re all just skin and bones, so why can’t you move on? Sonically and dynamically, I hope it’s like getting shot out of a cannon 10 times. It’s something we can’t wait to go out and play.”

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