Saturday, February 4, 2023

‘Drama Queens’: Katherine Bailess Guest Stars

PODCASTSDRAMA QUEENS'Drama Queens': Katherine Bailess Guest Stars

Another week, another guest star on our favorite podcast. This week’s episode of Drama Queens brings Katherine Bailess — AKA Erica Marsh — into our headphone speakers.

The description for EP214, titled “Mouth to Mouth with Katherine Bailess (aka Erica Marsh)” can be found below.

Katherine Bailess (Erica Marsh) joins The Drama Queens this week as Brooke and Erica clash on screen in the race to win Student Council President. 
Can you guess what movie Katherine and Joy co-starred in prior to OTH?! AND which Tree Hill character Katherine originally auditioned for? 
This episode give us what we want as things heat up between Jake and Peyton! Tune in to hear every detail of our favorite duo.

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As well as checking out this week’s episode, make sure to grab your tickets for the next Drama Queens Live event happening on March 23!

Drama Queens releases a new episode every Sunday. Check out all of our other content related to the podcast here. As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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