‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 “The ATX-Files”

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Things get a little weird in this week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “The ATX-Files” when the team discover a radioactive home and it’s revealed Owen is quite the alien aficionado. Let’s jump in.

Caleb Doesn’t Deserve Briana

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The episode kicks off with two familiar faces, Caleb and Briana (Caleb locked himself in his father’s safe and nearly died), who are out on a romantic trip in the woods. Caleb wants to win her back, but before he can say much they spot two very creepy glowing blue figures deep in the woods. Caleb panics and jumps on the ATV, taking off without Briana (shocker) but accidentally launches himself straight into a barbed wire fence. Cue the 126 to extract him from the very painful situation!

To calm Caleb down, Owen tells him about his theory on the blue “aliens” in the woods and it’s revealed, much to the shock of the team (and us) Owen is a firm believer in alien conspiracy theories.

The Ryders Host Wyatt

Judd and Grace decide to host Wyatt for the weekend, and things get off to a rough start when Wyatt reveals he can’t eat the brisket or mac and cheese casserole. He’s vegan. This puts a damper on Judd’s weekend plans which included hunting and bass fishing. Wyatt is more of a skater and gamer, oh and an alien lover!

Judd asks Owen if he will take them on an alien hunting excursion as a way to bond. They return to the same spot that the 126 found Caleb and Briana. In a hilarious turn, Owen and Wyatt have more in common than Judd does, enjoying teriyaki veggie chips and discussing veganism and aliens. The next morning, Owen’s Geiger counter jumps where Judd finds a dead hog’s body.

After hours of debriefing, Judd returns home to Grace and Wyatt playing video games. He apologizes for missing his last day, but Wyatt tells him it’s been the best weekend of his life. He’s always wanted to go camping with father. Judd promises to take him to a family ranch on his next visit!

Things Get Toxic

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Tommy and T.K. arrive in full suits to scan them for radiation but everyone is thankfully safe. Judd, Tommy, and Owen find a dead man and nearly dead woman at a house in the middle of the woods.

So what happened? Four days prior, the man raided an abandoned hospital for found objects and brought home a device filled with caesium chloride, a highly radioactive material. The woman made jewelry out of it and sold it to an unsuspecting customer. They also painted with it and basically slathered their bodies in the unknown substance (PSA: if something from a hospital glows don’t open it and dowse yourself in it.)

Grace works her dispatcher magic to locate the buyer of the necklace. The 126 arrive and confiscate the necklace, and then rush the family into decontamination making this poor woman’s birthday rather eventful.

A Haunting or A Mouse?

Kevin Estrada/FOX

On what would have been their 15th year anniversary, Tommy attends a grief counseling meeting. She returns home to the sitter informing her the girls insisted on watching Ghostbusters. One of the girls now insists their house is haunted because the light in their room flickered in a 1, 4, 3 pattern. Later, Tommy begins to think it might be Charles trying to communicate with her.

While on a case, a psychic medium tells her someone is trying to reach her. Tommy decides to return for a consultation and reveals she and Charles used to use a code on her beeper 1 4 3 to mean “I love you.” The medium advises her to cook a meal as a sort of offering, put on music and tell Charles how she feels. She decides to take the advice and has the babysitter take the girls, but she informs Tommy that her electrician son stopped by and discovered mice had chewed on the wires. The lights flickering where only that. Regardless she still cooks the meal and eats and talks as if Charles is there with her.

9-1-1: Lone Star airs on FOX on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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