‘Foundation’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Death and The Maiden”

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Last week, we learned more about Gaal Dornick’s past and what led her to leave her planet for Trantor, but also what happened to her after Seldon’s death. The episode ended with Terminus taken over by the Anacreons. You can read our full recap here.

Warning: Spoilers for “Death and The Maiden” below!

Brother Dawn’s secret is revealed

On Trantor, all is not well between Brother Dusk and Brother Dawn. Brother Dusk seems suspicious of his brother. The young clone is interested in the gardener Azura. He even apologizes to her for thinking she tried to poison him. The two of them are interrupted by a guard. Brother Dawn leaves to meet Brother Dusk for a hunt. He kills more birds than his brother, but he discards half of them to not displease his brother.

Brother Dusk is impressed and decides to bring the younger man to Gossamer Court. There, he will be able to choose a lover without problems since the memories of the people attending the court are wiped. Brother Dawn chooses a woman looking like Azura, but they don’t have sex. The clone is more interested in talking with her, especially knowing she won’t remember anything. We see her later in the company of Brother Dusk, both of them naked. Who wants to know what they talked about?

At the palace, Brother Dawn and Azura become closer and closer. He invites her to his room and he shows trust in her by removing his force field. They talk about flowers and colors, and she realizes he is color blind. He reveals to her he is the first Cleon to be color blind. Azura says it is easy to correct, but Brother Dawn answers it’s not that simple. It seems like he has genuine feelings for Azura and they finally kiss. His feelings for Azura will probably cause problems in the future with his brothers.

Brother Day lands on Maiden

Brother Day is making his way to Maiden for the funeral of Proxima Opal. He discusses with Demerzel the Luminisn religion and we learn that she is a believer. To Brother Day’s surprise, only Zephyr Halima is present to welcome him on the planet. The first meeting between them is tense and full of distrust, which is not surprising since Zephyr Halima is considered heretical.

In contrast, his meeting with Zephyr Gilat, the Empire’s favorite, is much warmer. Gilat still has the most chances to be elected Proxima, but the election could be easily swayed in favor of Halima. In an attempt to secure the election, Brother Day promises to build a desalination system.

During Proxima Opal’s funeral, both candidates do a speech. Gilat fails to rouse the fervor of the attendees. Meanwhile, Halima captures the crowd’s attention with a speech about reincarnation and transformation, which is an attack on the Empire way of ruling. Demerzel is so moved that she bows to the Zephyr along the conclave. Brother Day is one of the only ones left standing and is clearly worried about Zephyr Halima’s speech and the number of people following her.

Salvor Hardin witness a major event

Terminus City is now in the hands of the Anacreons. Salvor is in a cell, but not for long. A couple of kids free her from the brig. They reveal to her that Phara is after something called Invictus, but they don’t know what it is. Salvor knows that it is a legendary destroyer lost centuries ago. They made their way out of the city where they found her father, Abbas, and Hugo. Phara interrogates Lewis and Mari about the scientists currently on Terminus. She is looking for specific skill set to staff a jump ship. Phara takes a few members of the Foundation, including Lewis, to repair the ship.

Salvor wants to destroy the Anacreons corvettes to prevent from leaving the planet, but Abbas wants to protect the Foundation. The Warden explains that Phara wants to take control of a planet killer and they need to stop her. Salvor thinks it’s the first Seldon crisis and believes Hari put her there to stop the Anacreons.

Salvor is on her way to the corvette when she has a seizure. In reality, she has a vision and see Raych and Hari talk about the plan in the past. She seems to be in Gaal’s body. Her vision reveals that Hari and Raych planned Seldon’s death together and that Raych was supposed to escape in the cryo pod, not Gaal. Apparently, Raych and Gaal’s relationship put the plan in danger so they had to be separated to Raych’s despair. Salvor sees Raych kill Hari and is brought back to Terminus by Hugo. Abbas sacrifices himself to destroy the corvettes and preserve the plan.

Later, Salvor feels guilty about her dad’s death and starts to doubt herself. They arrive at Terminus City and are quickly captured by Phara. The Huntress wants to kill Salvor until Hugo gives his lover complete control of his ship, which is now the only way to leave the planet. Phara forces Salvor to pilot the ship with the captured members of the Foundation.

In this episode, we see that Brother Dawn is seemingly different physically and emotionally, and it looks like Brother Dusk is aware of it. What is going to happen now to Brother Dawn and Azura? Is Phara going to take possession of the Invictus? Stay tuned on Nerds & Beyond for more recaps of the show.

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