That Tumultuous ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Ending Explained


The long-awaited Jupiter’s Legacy has finally arrived, and if you’ve spent the day finishing all eight episodes, you may have a few questions. We’ve broken down what it all means for the future of the show (if there just so happens to be one) and its characters.

Before we get to the ending, it’s important to first discuss how it got to the point of escalation. In the finale, we got to see Blackstar once again after his absence from most of the season. Walter paid him a visit at Supermax where he ensured that he would get into his clone’s mind and find out everything, and if he didn’t … he’d be back for the real one. Once he did get into the clone’s mind, or what was left of it after Brandon eradicated it, he was trapped.


Raikou did her best to keep the door open so he would be able to get out, and we get our first glimpse at a present day Skyfox (listening to “Painting the Clouds With Sunshine” of course). Engaging in a fight that is 100 years overdue, Grace enters Blackstar’s mind to attempt to get Walter out safely. When she enters Skyfox hits her with a blast that freezes her in real-time.

Once the fight is over and they are set free from the confines of Blackstar’s mind, Grace believes that Walter saved her. The real Blackstar at Supermax is set free and Paragon (Brandon) does his best to hold him off before Utopian (Sheldon) shows up to take care of the situation. Blackstar puts Utopian in a bind and essentially forces him to choose between his son and killing him. Brandon knows that the code is important to his father, so he finds his own way out and puts Blackstar down (without killing him this time). This proves to his father that he is indeed worthy of being the next Utopian.

Walter visits Raikou to “thank” her, but she sees right through him. Raikou explains that she knows her father was the one that distracted everyone by being the one to clone Blackstar and set him free, to get the family separated and get in Brandon’s head. She claims for a price she will keep quiet but Walter kills her by slitting her throat.


Up until this point, everyone was under the assumption that Skyfox was the problem and that he made the clone and that’s what they still believe because now there’s no proof that Walter got his hands dirty. So what does this mean for the future?

Spoilers for the comic are below. Read at your own risk.

Well as of now we have no idea if the show will get renewed, but a lot of what is shown is taken directly from the comic and put on the screen. Walter is still part of the Union and will remain that way for the time being, as he wants to end his brother’s reign and become the leader himself. In the book, Walter recruits a group of his own, including his nephew Brandon, that takes down the Utopian. Brandon in particular is the one to do it, by using his heat vision to blow his head off. The catastrophe that follows is almost like a domino effect.

With Chloe and Hutch searching for Skyfox with Hutch’s new gadget, it could continue on the same path. If they do find him after all of Hutch’s previous failed attempts, he’s no doubt going to have questions, as will his father. In the books, Hutch sets up a group of his own that includes his father and together they take on Brandon’s in a grueling battle, and as you can imagine, it ends in bloodshed.

With what happens after, Chloe and Hutch find themselves on the run from Brandon’s group, hiding out in Australia. Next month a final chapter to the story will release, Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem. This time it will follow the future and that includes Chloe and Hutch. They’ve gotten married and after having their son Jason ended up having more children. The heroes are working in tandem with humanity to create a perfect world, but perfect on the outside doesn’t mean perfect on the inside, and the new series will explore the family drama that has moved forward one generation. Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 will be available June 16 in comic shops and online via digital platforms such as Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.

So what’s next for the series? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for our other Jupiter’s Legacy related content!

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