‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 “Kids Today”


After an explosive season 2 finale, 9-1-1 came back Monday night at a new time for the season 3 premiere titled, “Kids Today.” In the premiere, Buck is welcomed back to the 118 after his accident, there’s a call involving a high-speed chase that is led by a 15-year-old, a woman steals a baby from another woman, an old man has an STD, and a tsunami is beginning to hit Los Angeles.

Starting off with a high-speed chase on an LA freeway, a 15-year-old (Tony) calls 9-1-1, and it’s soon discovered that he is the one involved in the chase. The brake in his dad’s car isn’t working, which is why he won’t stop or slow down; the car just keeps speeding up. While figuring out ways to stop the car, Athena (Angela Bassett) comes up with a solution. Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) calls Tony’s dad, telling him what’s going on. He gets on the phone with Tony, explaining to him that the car doesn’t matter, and tries to calm him down. Maddie tells Tony what he’s going to do. Tony starts to slow down the car by putting constant pressure on the brakes. When Tony gets down to 80mph, he pulls the emergency brake and hits the 118 firetruck that has come to the rescue, stopping the car. He comes out in one piece, with only a broken nose and a possible concussion. It turns out the gear shift in the car was loose the whole time.

Buck (Oliver Stark) is completing his last test following his accident when he got stuck under the ladder truck and soon gains back his firefighter certification. However, while at a party celebrating his homecoming to the station at Bobby (Peter Krause) and Athena’s house, Buck starts coughing up blood and passes out. At the hospital, Maddie and Chim (Kenneth Choi) are with Buck, explaining to him what happened; a blood clot in his lung and two in his legs. Buck thought he pulled a muscle; he didn’t think his leg would get that bad. Maddie is furious at her brother for not telling her about his leg, explaining that if that had happened when he was alone, he could’ve died. Buck doesn’t remember vomiting up blood and sends Bobby and Athena a text message apologizing, hoping he didn’t ruin anything.

Meanwhile, the station is taking a call about a man (Jack) locking himself in his room and his children not knowing how to get him out. When the crew gets to the house, they find the son and daughter in front of their dad’s room, arguing. Bobby and Hen (Aisha Hinds) try to figure out what exactly happened and try to get the door open. Chim manages to get into the room from the back window via the truck, and once everyone’s inside, Chim checks Jack’s stomach. Despite being 82, it’s found out Jack has a flesh-eating STD. Going back into the living room with a bunch of elderly people, Dave, the son, asks if anyone had slept with Jack and multiple old women stand up, including several old men, which happened to be the entire room, whom had all slept with each other.

Walking back to the truck, Bobby gets a call from the fire chief and meets Buck at the hospital. He tells Buck that he’s not cleared yet due to the blood thinners. Buck’s upset since he’s worked for five months trying to get back to normal. Bobby tells Buck that the chief thinks in a few weeks, if he’s good, he can do light work, desk work. Buck’s upset because he signed up to be a firefighter, to help people. Making the hard decision, Buck tells Bobby he quits because he doesn’t want to do light duty; he wants to be helping people. Back at the station, the crew talks about what Buck did, not knowing what he’s going to do.

Maddie gets a 9-1-1 call from a woman (Jill) who starts the call by saying, “She took me.” Jill reveals she got stabbed and she’s bleeding but doesn’t know exactly where she is. Maddie tells Jill to put pressure on the wound; however, soon, she can no longer be heard. Getting information from the phone company, Maddie calls Jill’s husband (Rick), pretending to be from LA City Services, so she doesn’t freak him out. Rick tells Maddie that she went shopping for baby clothes and says that they’re expecting a baby the following week.

At the same time, Athena pulls over a woman (Nancy), noticing blood on her hands and a baby in the backseat looking far from healthy. She asks Nancy to get out of the car and handcuffs her, asking her where the blood on her legs and arms came from. Athena calls in, saying that the newborn is in distress and is turning blue. The 118 crew comes and quickly gets the baby to the hospital. Athena demands to check hospitals and see if anyone is missing a newborn and tells an officer to talk to dispatch to flag calls involving a pregnant woman or someone missing a baby. Hen says the umbilical cord was cut improperly and that the baby couldn’t be more than an hour old, and that the baby wasn’t born in a hospital. Another police officer found a fake pregnant belly in the trunk of Nancy’s car, coming to the conclusion that Nancy isn’t the mother.

Back at Call Center, Maddie is on the phone with Hope, Jill’s sister, since Rick said the two were supposed to meet up that day. Hope tells Maddie that after she left the house, Jill went to get stuff for the baby, noting that Jill had been trying to save money by buying baby things online and not wanting Rick to know. Knowing now that Jill went to meet someone who placed an ad online, Maddie asks Hope where they were meeting. Hope said it was a public place, that it was supposed to be safe.

Bobby, Hen, Eddie (Ryan Guzman), and Athena are trying to figure out what happened. Athena is trying to get answers out of Nancy, telling her she knows she’s not the real mother. Nancy said she promised George there was going to be a baby this time. Maddie gets through to Athena and tells her that Hope said Jill was meeting someone at Griffith Park near the pony rides. Maddie said she checked logs, but nothing from the park and no reports of people seeing an assault.

To get more information, Athena asks Maddie if Jill said anything about the location she was in. Maddie said Jill didn’t know where she was, just that it was dark. But Maddie said she heard a noise after Jill passed out, like a whistle or a horn. When the 118, Athena, and other police officers get to the park, they ask around to see if anyone had seen Nancy driving around. A guy said he saw the car she was driving, but she was not the one driving it.

Wondering why Nancy moved the car, Athena comes up with the conclusion that Nancy asked to meet Jill at the park; they’re out in the open, and people can see them. If Nancy wants the baby, she would have to get Jill alone. Nancy walked Jill to her car, offers to put the clothes in the trunk, throws Jill in the trunk, steals the baby after stabbing her, and drives off. Bobby realized that Jill would have to still be in that trunk.

Athena hears the train whistle and notices the car in the back. After successfully getting the trunk open, they find Jill, bloody and unconscious but still breathing. Athena finds Jill’s phone, with Maddie still on the line, and tells Maddie that Jill is alive. At the hospital, Rick says he can’t thank Maddie and everyone enough, telling Athena that Jill made it through surgery. Rick takes the baby into Jill’s room while Athena, Bobby, and Maddie look on, with Jill awake.

Back at Maddie’s house, she and Chim are talking about whether either of them want babies, coming to the conclusion that because of what they’ve been through; Maddie with her marriage and Chim with his mom dying when he was young, realize that they don’t need kids right now, even though they’re the only people they know that don’t have kids, aside from Buck.

In the morning, Eddie wakes up Buck, telling him he has other things to do; walking around and getting fresh air. That life isn’t over just because he’s not a firefighter and to stop feeling sorry for himself. Buck notices Eddie’s son, Christopher (Gavin McHugh), with Eddie telling Buck that Christopher is hanging out with him because Eddie has work.

Buck and Christopher go to the Santa Monica Pier, going on different rides and playing different games. Buck notices paramedics saving someone and says the universe is mocking him since he’s no longer a firefighter. Sitting on a bench near the ocean on the pier, Buck starts to wonder if he made the right decision, asking Christopher what he wants to be when he grows up and that if that doesn’t work out, he hopes he’ll find something that he loves. Turning around, Buck and other people start to notice a huge wave approaching fast. And that’s where it ends.

This season seems like it’s going to revolve around the tsunami that is going to hit the Los Angeles area in next week’s episode. Last year, the season started off with an earthquake that rocked LA, whereas this season seems to be all about a tsunami. WWE star Ronda Rousey is set to recur on the action drama as Lena, a fearless member of the LAFD’s Station 136.

This January will see a spin-off entitled 9-1-1: Lone Star, set in Austin and starring Rob Lowe, Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra McClain, Natacha Karam, Brian Michael Smith, newcomer Rafael Silva, and Julian Works.

After premiering in January 2018, 9-1-1 was proven to be an instant hit, premiering to nearly seven million people. Ryan Murphy, best known for Glee, American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Nip/Tuck, created the show.

What are you most excited to see this season? Chim and Maddie’s relationship? Bobby and Athena’s relationship? Are you hoping Buck comes back to Station 118? And how bad do you think that tsunami will really be? 9-1-1 can be known for having outrageous plots, so it’s hard to tell.

Check out 9-1-1 on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Fox, followed by the new series Prodigal Son.

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