GISH Announces This Year’s ‘Change a Life’ Item

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Image courtesy of GISH
Image courtesy of GISH

It’s that time of year again: GISH time! We’re five days into the 2019 hunt and the annual “Change a Life” item has finally been revealed.

For six years and counting, Gishers have changed the lives of those in need such as a wounded US Veteran, Syrian refugees, South African at-risk students and female Rwandan genocide survivors. This year, GISH has partnered with renowned photographer Giles Duley to help countless families in Laos. The Crowdrise page explains the horror in more detail.

Imagine the most harmless-looking objects in your neighborhood are actually the most dangerous. They appear to be small, metal balls about the size of a tennis ball. They’re easy to overlook and appear to be little toys.

In Laos, these are not toys. They are unexploded, shrapnel-laden bombs.

GISH is partnering with Random Acts to raise $150,000 for the country of Laos, the funds being used to continue clearing unexploded bombs from farmlands and to manufacture desperately needed prosthetics for a countless number of innocent children and adults affected by the tragedies of war.

Not participating in GISH but still want to help? We’re with you. GISH has set up a Crowdrise that is open to all to donate. No amount is too small and 100% of every donation will go to this great cause. You can donate here.


Thank you GISH for providing another great opportunity to perform an important act of kindness!


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