Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Con*Quest – The Journal Every Convention Attendee Needs!

We’ve been reporting a lot on conventions lately and through doing that, we’ve found something that we – as fans of shows such as Supernatural and The Walking Dead – thought was really great.

Con*Quest Journals are “journals for everything you do at a con.” We had the chance to review the company’s Hunter’s Con Pack, which is modeled after the television show Supernatural.

The con pack, which is selling for $49.00, really is, in our opinion, something every convention attendee needs.

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It comes with a long-handled tote bag, that you can put anything (including the journal) into and it’s sturdy enough to carry around. The journal (which is more like a binder) is filled with pages themed to the pack and you can write down all of your con memories.

There’s a sticker pack, a LePen and extra plastic sheets to take care of any autographs or photographs. We were honestly so impressed at how great of quality the products are and how well designed they are that we can’t sing their praises enough.

Check out all of their different convention packs – at their website – conquestjournal.com here! They have packs modeled after Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and more.

They also just launched a kickstarter to bring a Star Trek themed journal to their collection! You can check out the kickstarter – here!

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