Rob Benedict and Rich Speight, Jr.’s Instagram Takeover!

Image from cw_supernatural on Instagram


Today was a very big day for Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr.! Not only did they moderate the Supernatural panel at San Diego Comic Con (and killed it!), but they also took over the Supernatural Instagram account, and it was a riot! Let’s see what trouble they got into.

Here, we see Rob and Rich taking turns testing out the account.


Next, Ruth Connell joins in on the fun! And Rob tries to scale a wall, no big deal.


Rich then takes us backstage to… well, see for yourself…


Here, we get to join the folks on stage and watch Misha be his activist self!

The next three blocks give us Davy Perez, a little more Ruth Connell, and some views of the “Signing Area.”


Here, Rich spends some quality time with Black Lightning.

And finally, Rob captures everyone getting on the bus to go home, with a special close up of Misha.


Thank you, Rob and Rich, for a great Instagram takeover!


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