‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “Fear and Pain”


In this week’s episode of Wolf Pack, Garrett attempts to keep Kristin off the scent of his kids, Luna recounts her trauma, and the pack inches closer and closer together. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Fear and Pain.”

He Knows What He Saw

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Austin is having trouble sleeping and focusing. So when he’s brought in to talk to Kristin about what he saw coming out of the woods. He doesn’t know exactly, but whatever it was was big. Kristin thinks she knows what he’s talking about: 7 feet tall, fangs and claws. She points to her wall of witness sketches and Austin gets wide-eyed when he realizes that’s what he saw. Kristin tries to reason with him, noting that if a 200-pound ram came charging at anyone it would be traumatic. But he knows it wasn’t a ram.

Austin goes to Everett and asks him what he takes for his anxiety and if there’s anything to help him sleep. Everett agrees to give him something to help only if he can do something in exchange. He wants to know what Austin really saw on the highway but before he can answer, they get interrupted by class starting.

Austin has been staring Luna down all episode. He finally asks if she can draw something for him. She tries to downplay her skills by telling him she’s no good, but he flips open her sketchbook. She asks what he needs but notes she isn’t good at portraits. He flips a few more pages to side profiles of him. She quickly closes the book but agrees to help him.

They finally get the drawing done but Austin doesn’t want her to say she believes him or she knows it was traumatic. But she sincerely believes him. If he sees it again, run. Austin takes the drawing to the police station and hands it to Prisha to give to Kristin so she can add it to her “wall.” Prisha peeks at the drawing and sees the wolf.


Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

Harlan, Luna, and Blake experience symptoms of an anxiety attack except, none of them know why. Cut to Everett, who is anxious about passing his test, so he runs off to the bathroom to recollect himself. The other three enter behind him and try to get him to calm down but it only makes matters worse. Everett taunts Harlan by calling him a werewolf, so Harlan slams him up against the mirror and shows his fangs to him. Except … he’s never done that before. They realize then that they can’t be around each other because things like this will continue to happen and what if it escalates to them killing people?

Kristin’s Suspicions

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Kristin heads back to where Connor was last seen. She lies down and tries to reenact what happened and how plausible it would be to rip a cast out of the metal fence. Just then, she spots the ram she thought was the cause, but it’s slashed; it falls at her feet and dies shortly after. Once they locate the car of officer Miller, she spots blood on a tree nearby. Could she be changing her mind about werewolves in California?

Garrett Joins the Task Force

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In order to get Kristin to stop sniffing around his kids and their newfound pack, Garrett joins her task force. She tells him they already have a Park Ranger on the task force, Prisha Ahmad. He knows she’s one of the best but she doesn’t know what he knows. So, Kristin takes him to see the carcass of the ram to see if he can explain what did it. He gives the easiest answer, a black bear. While Kristin doesn’t believe it’s a seven-foot monster with wings, she isn’t so sure it’s a black bear, either. As she goes to walk away after thanking him, he says he knows she’s looking for another incendiary device because there’s a second origin point.

Sneaky Harlan

Luna attempts to stop her brother from leaving as their dad told them to stay home just in case something happens. Harlan bites back with the fact he does still own a rifle with silver bullets he made to kill them if they ever turned back to wolves. Point taken, Harlan. He heads out to yet another club where he spots Cyrus. He starts dancing and his eyes glow yellow.

Later, he’s spotted at another club where he has yet another stare down with Cyrus. (What is up with these teenagers being so brooding?) He finally goes up to him and asks how many times he’s going to stare at him before he says hi. They’re smoking. Cyrus is playing with his lighter and he tells Harlan it belonged to his dad. Harlan asks why a firefighter would carry a lighter so he gives the cheesy excuse of “fighting fire with fire.” He never met his dad because he died in a fire so that’s all he has left of him.

He takes another hit and blows it into Harlan’s mouth. Harlan is puzzled because he thought he had a girlfriend last semester. So how come he doesn’t have one now? But who says he doesn’t? Oh. Turns out he really doesn’t (phew), but he asks Harlan why he doesn’t have a boyfriend, so Harlan fires back with the same answer he gave just before they kiss.

Luna’s Visions

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For the past few episodes, Luna has been suffering from nightmares and visions of a horse. One night, she has trouble falling asleep so she looks outside where she finds a blonde girl (her when she was younger) covered in blood. She freaks out and lays back own where her own eyes start glowing.

We later find out what has been causing these horrifying visions for Luna, all going back to her childhood. Her dad had purchased a horse for her, Thunder, and one night she went to feed him an apple. Well, this night was a full moon so when she entered the stable, Thunder got spooked and kicked her, sensing something different in her. She slashed him and killed him. Garrett covered up what Luna and vowed to make sure nothing like that happened to them ever again.

Where’s Danny?

Blake encounters a mysterious van with tinted windows. The person only rolls the window down to peek their hand out but what we can see of them is lots of rings on their hand. It speeds off leaving Blake puzzled. She realizes that Tia and Phoebe still haven’t passed through the door to the movie theater so she heads up to the fifth floor of the garage to make sure they’re okay. As it turns out, they were just smoking a lot of weed.

While Blake is gone, she leaves Danny locked in her booth but he isn’t exactly alone. He hears scraping noises on the outside and gets up to investigate when he sees grey fur stalking around. Danny quickly ducks and makes his way under the chair to hide as the wolf bangs on the locked door. It eventually gets him out and Blake sees over the security cameras that Danny is missing. She runs all throughout the garage looking for him to no avail. It’s only after she lets out a scream (which is really a howl) that Harlan, Luna, and Everett (with Danny) come running. They heard her howls.

The first four episodes of Wolf Pack are now available to stream on Paramount+.

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