‘Kung Fu’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12 “Alliance”

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Things are heating up as we enter the final stretch of Kung Fu season 2. Read on to find out what happened in the penultimate episode of the season, “Alliance.”

The Prodigal Son Returns

Dean Buscher/The CW

Kerwin storms into the Tan mansion demanding to know where Juliet is. Russell lies that Mia broke in and killed her. When Kerwin presses, saying he knew of what went down between he and Juliet, Russell claims they had found peace right before Mia barged in. Russell urges Kerwin to help him finish what he and Juliet started.

Tan takes Kerwin to the site where the Yueling Bell and tells him about his plan to become immortal, claiming parent and child would journey together. Russell butters Kerwin up by apologizing for being a hard parent and telling him that he always loved him despite his hard upbringing. Kerwin agrees to join Russell, asking where Mia is so he can exact his revenge.

Kerwin breaks into where Mia’s being held and asks if she really killed Juliet. When she says no, confirming his suspicion of Russell’s lies, he tries to unchain her. Before she’s free, they hear people approaching. Kerwin tries to stay and fight, not wanting Russell to win, but Mia urges him to escape in order to help her down the line.

Kerwin returns to find Mia splayed on the floor, pale and all but bled out. He tries to staunch her bleeding. Carrying her down the hallway, Kerwin discovers his keycard doesn’t work. He knocks out a security guard and takes down the system. As he heads back to grab Mia, he’s intercepted by Tan who knows what he’s been up to and has his men apprehend him.

The next time we see the prodigal Tan, Kerwin is no longer Kerwin. Russell has managed to transplant his soul into Kerwin’s body.

It’s the Final Countdown

Back at the Shen den, the gang combs through Zhilan’s footage, seeing Mia enter the Tan mansion, but not exit. They realize Tan now has everything he needs to execute his plan. Nicky wants to break into the mansion, but Evan wants to tip off the cops that Mia’s been abducted and send in a S.W.A.T. team; he still has a friend in the specialized unit division. Nicky worries about Evan burning his last bridge from work, but Evan states he’s done with the D.A.’s office. At the Tan mansion, Mia and the Tans are gone. Evan’s friend chides him, having stuck out his neck for Evan, and contemplates if the rumors about why Evan quit were true. Before Evan leaves, he grabs Juliet’s phone that she shoved under the furniture right before she died. Althea works her magic and discovers who the phone belonged to, leading Nicky and the team to question what happened. Nicky thoerizes that Tan took Mia to the location (still unknown to them) where the bell was previously rung.

Henry calls and meets Daniel to ask if the Wan Zai know where the location would be. He tells them it would be over a geothermal hotspot, which Sloan thought had mystical properties. Daniel reveals he was kicked out of the Wan Zai, which sided with Yuen. Henry wants him to help, but Daniel doesn’t think he’ll be much help, as his previous play — a sonic device he built in collaboration with Eric Han that could scramble the Yueling Bell’s tones — failed, as Han can’t finish the device and Daniel doesn’t know how. Henry offers to help, and they plan to break into the Wan Zai headquarters to steal it back.

As the team attempts to break into the compound, the security suddenly lifts, allowing them to enter and Althea to track Tan’s whereabouts. Daniel and Henry go to set up the frequency emitter. Heading for Russell, Nicky finds Mia in a closet. Evan rushes her to the hospital while Zhilan takes off in pursuit of Tan.

Ryan calls and tells Nicky that she thinks Juliet was wrong about Russell wanting to bring back Raymond. Ryan talks of a ritual called Chong Sheng, which Juliet originally interpreted as “ressurection” but can also mean “rebirth, renewal,” which Xiao thought could only be achieved on Earthy by transmutation; Tan is going to transfer his soul from one body to another — the body of Kerwin, his child (between parent and child — only one survives). Zhilan discovers this too late as she finds Russell in Kerwin’s body, his old body on the table.

Nicky bursts in, telling Zhilan what happened. Russell escapes. Russell approaches the Yueling Bell and starts hitting it with the mallet. Henry and Daniel activate the frequency device and Althea breaks Nicky and Zhilan out of the room Russell trapped them in. A frustrated Russell senses something and sends men after Daniel and Henry. The father and son fight, and both Daniel and the device are shot in the process.

Nicky and Zhilan burst in on Russell right after the device is destroyed. Zhilan confronts him, asking why Kerwin had to die. Russell says immortality wouldn’t be worth it trapped in an old man’s body. Zhilan and Nicky rush Tan’s guards whilehe resumes trying to ring the bell. Nicky tries to stop him, but he pushes her down and gets in one last hit to the mallet. The Yueling Bell begins to crack open and red light starts seeping out as Russell says “It is done.”

Warrior and Guardian, Together Again

Dean Buscher/The CW

Pei-Ling appears to Nicky, who is distraught over the possibility of not stopping Tan in time even though she’s learned from past mistakes and has been asking for help from the people around her. Pei-Ling tells her she needs to seek out Zhilan, whose help Nicky previously turned down. Nicky is resistant at first, but eventually concedes and asks Zhilan to help.

With some input from Zhilan, Evan, and Althea, the team figures out Tan’s location is on the abandoned campus of Zindle, the company that Juliet previously mentioned buying out. Zindle was building a new campus in the middle of one of the geothermal hotspots before their company began being investigated and was bought out by the Tans.

Henry and Daniel bring the team (which is less than impressed at first) the frequency emitter. The catch? It only works in close to proximity to the bell.


Mia awakes chained up somewhere and starts yelling for help.

Kerwin comes in where Mia’s being held and attempts to break her out of her restraints after she confirms she didn’t kill Juliet. However, they hear someone coming before she’s free and Mia urges Kerwin to escape in order to help her down the line. Tan enters and Mia tells him she’ll never ring the bell. However, that’s not what Tan needs her for, he informs her, as he pulls out a knife — in a cruel twist of irony, the dagger that killed Suyin. The dagger was crafted by the warrior and guardians who came together to take her down. Tan begins slowly bleeding Mia into a bowl as Mia screams in horror.

Evan and Nadia Sitting in a Tree

Nadia shows up to help canvas and crossreference the city’s geothermal hotspots to try and figure out where Tan’s holding Mia. Nadia questions Evan on what the gang is talking about concerning stopping the earthquake, having thought they were just trying to put Tan behind bars. He promises to explain everything after they put a stop to what’s going on.

After Henry and Daniel arrive and the team makes plans to storm Zindle’s compound, Nadia leaves to go be with her family. Just before she leaves, she darts back and pulls an extremely surprised Evan in for a smooch. As Evan looks around in surprise and exclaims he didn’t know, it’s obvious from the looks on everyone’s faces that they did. Oh, Evan.


Dennis calls Althea about problem at the office; he’s discovered a flaw in the app’s code that gives unauthorized access to users’ operating systems — which is illegal. With the app on the market, if this is discovered, Althea’s name will be ruined and it’s likely she’ll be sued. She instructs him to get Courtney to rig a temporary fix while she’s busy trying to save the world from Tan.

Eventually, Althea cracks the encryption on Juliet’s phone and finds the photos that she took out of the book about The Alchemist and Jyu Sa right before her death. She sends this to Ryan.

After Nicky calls Althea and tells her to prepare for the earthquake, Althea and Dennis seek shelter under furniture. Althea can’t stand waiting around to do something and proposes using the app’s backdoor into users’ phones to send out an alert that looks like it comes from the city. Dennis reminds her of what’s at stake, but Althea says she must and that lives are at stake. They send out the alert and the rest of the Shen family helps to start evacuating.

You can catch Kung Fu on Wednesday nights in its new time slot at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. As always, make sure to stay up to date with all of our coverage here, and stay tuned for more updates!

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