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‘Locke & Key’: Season 2 Trailer Unlocks New Magic and Darkness

TELEVISIONNETFLIX'Locke & Key': Season 2 Trailer Unlocks New Magic and Darkness

Netflix has released the trailer for season 2 of Locke & Key, premiering on October 22. The series is based on the popular IDW Comics graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

The end of season 1 proved that with the Locke siblings messing with the keys and trying to get rid of Dodge, things were going to unravel. However, season 2 is kicking it up a notch with a much more sinister approach. Now that the children have been tasked with being Keepers of the Keys, season 2 looks to explore what that means.

Not only must the kids find a way to put a stop to it all but their mom Nina (Darby Stanchfield) is also becoming suspicious; she believes they’re hiding something from her.

The keys, they can bring about the greatest good, or the darkest evil. And you, as the maker, get to decide.

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Watch the Locke & Key season 2 trailer below.

Season 1 of Locke & Key saw Nina Locke and her three children Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) move into their ancestral home, Keyhouse. Upon their arrival, they discover keys that perform magic that they believe is connected to their father’s death.

Locke & Key also stars Laysla De Oliveira (Dodge), Coby Bird (Rufus Whedon), and Griffin Gluck (Gabe). Aaron Ashmore (Duncan Locke), Hallea Jones (Eden Hawkins), and Brendan Hines are series regulars for the upcoming season.

Catch up on season 1 of Locke & Key before the season 2 premiere now on Netflix.

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