Nerds Rewatch: ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 2, Episodes 3 & 4


Hello, Drew Crew! Welcome to our seventh edition of Nerds Rewatch Nancy Drew, where we will be rewatching the series from the beginning to prepare for the arrival of season 3 this fall. We’ll be watching three episodes of season 1 per week, then switching to two episodes a week for season 2, ending the week of the season 3 premiere. Never seen an episode and want to dive in? Seen every episode but want a refresher? Either way, we’ve got you covered with both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled discussions of our favorite sleuth and her friends. You can head over to HBO Max to watch seasons 1 and 2 now.

Under each episode heading you’ll find a discussion ONLY of the current episode and the ones preceding it, while at the end of each article there will be a section discussing how the episodes relate to the series as a whole (translation: spoilers). If you missed last week’s rewatch, you can head here for all the action. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the next episodes of Nancy Drew season 2!

“The Secret of Solitary Scribe”

Colin Bentley/The CW

Written by: Alex Taub

Directed by: Rachel Raimist

  • We simply must discuss the incredible Ace content from this episode. First of all, Ace being Jewish is not something that is mentioned and never explored. The confrontation with Tamura happening over Shabbat dinner adds so much to Ace’s background. Second, Ace gets some fantastic lines, particularly when he creates the ruse that his florist was extradited rather than just coming up with a more understandable excuse. Alex Saxon has built Ace to be such a funny and lovable character over the course of two seasons.
  • I have to shout out Alex Taub for his writing. You know it’s one of his episodes when everyone gets a snarky one-liner, such as this incredible burn from Ace about Tamura: “Come to Jesus? The man had a bar mitzvah. Pick a lane.”
  • Speaking of that Shabbat dinner, Tamura calling Ace a “walking haircut” is hands down the best comeback we have seen on this show. We’re starting to get flashes of his personality courtesy of Ryan-James Hatanaka.
  • Poor Carson. He really tries to reach out to Nancy in this episode, but she’s not ready for a deep conversation yet. That must have been one awkward car ride.
  • Ryan, Carson, and Nancy saying goodbye to Lucy together is so moving. Ryan’s redemption arc is so interesting to watch unfold. Riley Smith has always played Ryan with nuance, but now that Ryan is actively working against his father it comes to the forefront a lot more.
  • Monsters crawling out of the wall at Nancy is absolutely terrifying nightmare fuel. The entire scene in the Drew home with Nancy and AJ is scary and shot perfectly.
  • George and Nick take several big steps in their relationship in this episode! The Fanson pairing really works, which is made clear as the two experience a lot of “firsts” together. The shot of Ace and Bess knocking on the car window after George and Nick “reclaim” the truck is fantastic.
  • The Hannah reveal was truly unexpected. But like every Nancy Drew twist, the rewatch makes it clear how well planned it was. I like how it makes Hannah a more active participant in Horseshoe Bay’s lore.

“The Fate of the Buried Treasure”

Colin Bentley/The CW

Written by: Celine Geiger

Directed by: Larry Teng

  • I’d like to personally thank the writers for giving us an Ace/Carson/Ryan road trip in this episode. It’s the trio we never knew we needed. A special shout out to writer Katherine DiSavino for the “farmer-chicken” game the three of them play.
  • Leah Lewis always handles the dramatic material she is given so well. Jessie and George have an interesting dynamic that gets explored more than it has so far in this episode. As usual, George starts off angry, but that anger is hiding fear.
  • Nancy taking the time to prank Bess with the flashlight before the actual ghost shows up is funny and gives Nancy the chance to have a little fun.
  • Aristotle the mansplaining historian is a great guest star, along with our true-crime tourist. I love how characters with one or two lines on the show are so memorable.
  • Nancy’s two dads teaming up to help their daughter is so sweet. Riley Smith and Scott Wolf work so well together, both in comedic moments and emotional scenes. They clearly want what is best for Nancy and work much better together.
  • It’s so important that Nick tells George how much of a nurturer she is and how everyone around her sees it. George is always giving to others, whether it be her sisters or her friends. Like Nancy, she often doesn’t give herself credit for the good she does and focuses only on the ways she isn’t perfect. With potential death looming, she deserves to know how much everyone appreciates her.
  • Once again, kudos to the Nancy Drew stunt team and effects team for their practical effects. Jenaya Ross plays the Aglaeca, and the scene where she appears on the beach is done without major CGI.

Some Thoughts Scrawled on the Basement Wall

Colin Bentley/The CW
  • One of my favorite running gags on the show is that Lily the florist is canonically married to Connor the coroner. It speaks to the level of investment the writers have in the world of Horseshoe Bay that they thought to make this fan theory official.
  • Nancy being confronted with AJ’s reaction to the Aglaeca is a great parallel with her own Dark Nancy journey later in the season.
  • Ryan slowly but surely making his way into the Drew family is even more heartwarming knowing how the season plays out. I hope we get a ton of Ryan/Carson/Nancy roommate moments in season 3!
  • It’s sad that the Lisbess story ends here (for now). Here’s hoping Bess can find someone amazing (and preferably alive) in season 3.
  • Nancy Drew has always been a socially conscious show, but season 2 has zeroed in on telling stories that are often ignored by society. Odette turning into the Aglaeca and having her story warped in retellings over the years is a tragedy. Nancy Drew is a show written largely by women with a female lead, and it is uniquely positioned to tell this story.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments! Seasons 1 and 2 of Nancy Drew are available now on HBO Max. Be sure to catch up on episodes 4 and 5 of season 2 for next week’s rewatch!

I am a nurse and dedicated nerd from Boston, MA. When I'm not at work, I'm rewatching old favorites like Supernatural or discovering my new obsessions (too many to count!). When not fangirling, I can be found reading, writing, or listening to a true crime podcast. You can find me on Twitter @juleswritesblog for more nerdy nonsense.

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