Saturday, October 16, 2021

Martha Jones Will Be back in December in Big Finish’s ‘The Year of Martha Jones’

If you are wondering about what happened to Martha Jones during The Year That Never Was, Big Finish has the answer for you! In a new audio drama, Big Finish explores in three adventures what happened between Doctor Who‘s season three episodes “The Sound of the Drums” and “The Last of The Time Lords”. The new audio is called The Year of Martha Jones and will be released in December 2021.

During The Year That Never Was, Martha Jones walked the Earth to tell people about The Doctor and to warn them against The Master. Until now, little was known about what happened during that time.

Freema Agyeman and Adjoa Andoh are back as Martha Jones and Francine Jones. The box set will be composed of three new adventures. It will be directed by Scott Handcock and produced by David Richardson. Big Finish already revealed the three titles:

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1.1 “The Last Diner” by James Goss

1.2 “Silver Meda”l by Tim Foley

1.3 “Deceived” by Matt Fitton

The new audio drama was announced earlier on Twitter:

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The Year of Martha Jones is available to pre-order on the Big Finish website as a cd or as a digital download.

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