New ‘The Mandalorian’ Collectible Pin and Necklace Now Available

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Fans of the Star Wars universe quickly got hooked on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian when it was released. But when a Baby Yoda appeared on the screen, the fandom collectively lost it and went into protective mother mode over The Child. Seriously, nothing better happen to him.

Toynk Toys, a company that sells costumes, toys, and collectibles, have released a line dedicated to the little mischievous green character. Two of the latest to be released is an enamel pin that shows The Child eating a frog (no really, it is still half hanging out of the mouth). The second is a Star Wars Mandalorian Cog Medal that could easily go with everything you wear.

You can order The Child eating a frog pin here, the Cog Medal necklace here, and view all The Child Collection here.

The Mandalorian season two returns to Disney+ this October.


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