‘9-1-1’ Recap: True Feelings Are Expressed in Season 3, Episode 13 “Pinned”

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In this week’s episode of 9-1-1, Michael, Bobby, and Harry take a camping trip that comes with a few realizations, while Chim tries to deal with how he really feels about Maddie. Meanwhile, calls include a dad getting shot with a nail gun while helping his daughter put up a wall and a maybe-proposal that ends in an almost tragedy. The episode ends with a terrifying cliffhanger that previews what’s to come.

Find out everything that happened in the newest episode, “Pinned.”

Athena and Bobby are talking about the camping trip he, Michael, and Harry are going on. Athena tells Bobby it’s foolish, Michael has a brain tumor, and camping can wait. May comes in all smiles and overhears her mother and Bobby talking. Is her father going on the camping trip? He has a brain tumor, and Bobby tells May he’s pretty sure that’s why Michael asked him to go with him. Bobby tells May that Michael doesn’t want to disappoint Harry, but May says it’s just camping; she never understood why he had to make such a big deal out of it. They can just go next year, assuming there is a next year. May thinks it’s all her fault. She told her father that there was hope and that he had choices, but she never meant for this. Athena says she did not tell him not to have the surgery. However, Athena still hasn’t given up on the idea of knocking some sense into him, but whatever happens, she tells May this is not her fault. May gives Athena an envelope before walking away, “By the way, I got into USC.”

After finding Albert with a girl, Chim asks if he should be worried about him since he’s been going out an awful lot and is with a different woman every night. However, Albert feels as though he’s the one who should be worried because Chim never goes out. He only does for work, and he’s with the same girl every night. What exactly is wrong with the same girl every night? Chim likes Maddie very much, and Albert says she’s a good friend to Chim. “Well, she’s a lot more than that.” Is she? Albert’s just saying that he sees the friendship and is not so sure if he sees passion. Albert didn’t mean to offend Chim. As long as Chim’s happy, he’s happy for him.

Bobby, Michael, and Harry are driving to the campsite, and Bobby sees a small tree in the backseat. Do they always plant a tree? Michael says no, and Harry continues that there was a fire where most of the trees burned down. His father was sad, but Grandpa promised that they would all grow back. It wouldn’t be the same, but it would still be beautiful. Michael says they used to go up there every year when he was growing up, plant a few trees at a time, then he and Harry kept the tradition going after his dad passed. Now Bobby gets to do it too. While driving, Michael’s hands start to cramp, and he tells Bobby he can take over driving for a bit.

At the station, Chim is talking to Eddie and Hen about Albert, saying that although his half-brother is annoying, maybe he’s right. Chim admits that things with him and Maddie are great, but they’re not exactly “lighting the world on fire.” Does it matter what Albert thinks? Only Chim knows how he feels about Maddie, and he cares about her. Hen wonders how much Chim cares about Maddie. Eddie asks if he loves her, and Chim replies that he does, but does she love him? It’s unclear. Chim feels like she does, but neither of them have actually said those exact words out loud. He says that everything that Maddie’s been through, that they’ve been through, they just wanted to take it slow. Before leaving to do a lineup, Eddie tells Chim he gets taking things slow, but tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

“So if you love her, tell her.”

Bobby, Michael, and Harry are getting all settled in at their campsite, and Michael sits down after carrying a cooler, clearly out of breath. Harry comes out of the tent, all ready to pick their planting site for the tree, and Michael, still tired, says that sounds good; just give him a few minutes to lie down. Harry says they always pick the spot when they get there. It’s tradition. “Well, maybe this year, we start some new traditions.” Michael tells Bobby they don’t need any new traditions; he just needs an hour. After Michael goes into the tent, Harry, looking worried, tells Bobby his father said he’d be fine for a year; it’s only been a month. Bobby thinks Michael just needs to rest. They can pick that spot in the morning, but Harry says that’s too late. It takes time to find the perfect spot; that’s why they always do it when they get there. Bobby suggests that the two of them take a walk, find some places to plant that tree, take pictures, and show Michael, then he can decide. Harry agrees, and the two of them walk off.

A father, Ron, is helping his daughter, Kendall, put up a wall in her house. As they’re using a nail gun to frame it, the gun gets jammed, and when Ron tries to fix it, he accidentally shoots himself, a nail hitting him in the chest. The 118 get to the scene, and after getting him into the ambulance, Hen and Chim start working on him. Ron’s upset because he realizes he didn’t say “I love you” to his daughter, and Chim tells him not to worry; he’ll have plenty more chances to tell her later. Ron starts coding, and Chim starts compressions, which ends up making the hole in his heart bigger, but Chim continues. Ron gets a pulse, and they get to the hospital. After sending Ron off to the experts, Chim makes a call and walks away, Buck asking where he’s going. “To ask your sister out on a proper date so I can tell her I love her.”

Bobby and Harry return to the campsite, and Michael wants to know where they’ve been. Harry tells him that he and Bobby went hiking to go find some spots for the tree. Michael tells him they were supposed to go together, and Bobby says they just wanted him to rest. Michael says he’s fine, but Bobby can tell he’s not and thinks it’s time they all start admitting that. Does Bobby have any other thoughts on how Michael should be handling his brain tumor? Harry tries to step in, but Michael says no. He and Bobby are talking.

Bobby tells Michael that Harry is terrified, everything that’s been happening to Michael, Harry sees, and it’s making that tumor very real to him. It’s very real to Michael, too. “I’m the one fighting for my life here.” What about Harry’s life and May’s? Bobby asks Michael if he knows that she got into USC. When she found out they were going on the camping trip, Bobby saw the joy just evaporate from her face because she’s that worried about him. May blames herself for him not getting the surgery, and Michael says that it has nothing to do with her. They’re just trying to support him, and Michael’s pushing them away. He says he’s not pushing anybody away; he’s taking steps back so they can have all the space to learn how to be a family when he’s gone.

Chim and Maddie are having dinner at a revolving restaurant at a hotel, and Chim just comes right out and says those three little words, “I love you.” Chim didn’t mean to lead with that, saying he doesn’t mean to push or make Maddie uncomfortable, but he feels like he’s been uncomfortable and like he’s supposed to hold back, not scare her off, not tell her how he feels. She doesn’t have to say it back, and Maddie says she’s not sure she can, not in those actual words, at least. Maddie used to say it a lot, even after she stopped feeling that way. She can’t say it, but it is how she feels about Chim. Maddie tells him she feels a lot of things when she’s with him, like happy and safe and a million other things she can’t explain, but she does feel all of that. For him. Chim gets it, he loves Maddie, and as long as he knows she feels the same, he can say it enough for the both of them.

Just as Chim is talking to Maddie about a few other things, Maddie notices a public proposal behind them. The couple drops the box, and when they find it, the girl, Wendy, opens the box, only to find it’s just earrings. The boy, Larry, just wanted to surprise her since her birthday is next week. Wendy gets up to leave, but she gets pinned between the table and wall since it is revolving. Chim and Maddie run up to help her, and Chim finds an ax to pry the table off of the bolts. When Chim gets the table free, he and Maddie get Wendy on the ground and get her separated pelvis splinted with a tablecloth. Larry tells Wendy he didn’t want to ask because he never thought she’d say yes, but she did.

Later, Chim and Maddie are down in the hotel’s lobby, watching paramedics take Wendy, along with Larry, into the ambulance. Chim tells Maddie he’s never seen this side of her before. The manager comes up to them, thanking them, telling them if there’s anything she or the hotel can do to repay them, just name it. Chim and Maddie look at each other and soon open the door to their hotel room, which will be comped entirely.

Bobby and Michael are sitting around a campfire, and Michael apologizes about before. Bobby’s sorry, too. He wants to help. He just needs to know how. Michael says that Harry never knew his father. He died before they could tell anyone that Athena was pregnant. When they found out they were having a boy, Michael wanted to be excited, but he could only think about his father and how his son would never know him. Athena said they could name him Harry after his grandfather, that they would talk about him, and their son would know him even without having met him. Bobby says he has; the way Harry talks about his grandfather, Michael’s kept him alive for Harry. And that’s why Michael brought Bobby there. He’s had 18 years with his daughter and watched her grow into an amazing, strong young woman, but he wants to be there with his son and see him grow. “And I don’t know if I will be.” Michael tells Bobby if something happens to him, he needs someone. He needs Bobby to keep him and his father alive for Harry.

Maddie gets to the call center the next morning and sees a cop standing by the door. She walks with Josh, saying it seems like there’s a big police presence there. Josh says there’s scheduled sit-alongs. Maddie gets a call from Chim and tells him she’s just clocking in. Chim tells her the hotel room was 100% comped as promised, and Maddie says perfect, just like everything else was the previous night. Maddie gets to her desk, telling Chim she really should go, and Chim begins to tell her to bring some of her stuff over to his place. Sue walks up to her with an “officer” to have him do a sit-along with Maddie, and Josh comes up, noticing just who it is, the guy, Greg, who pretended to like him and ultimately beat him up. Josh drops his coffee, and Greg pulls out a gun; a few of his guys approaching. He tells Maddie to end the call, carefully. Greg tells the staff that they’re officially taking control of the facility.

That cliffhanger! The call center has officially been taken hostage. 9-1-1 will, unfortunately, be taking a brief break but will be back on Monday, April 13, with what looks to be an action-filled and edge-of-your-seat episode. Season 3 is available to stream on Hulu and the FOX NOW app.

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