Henry Cavill Breaks Down Fight Scene and Witcher Swords in New Videos


​Since its debut just over a month ago, Netflix’s The Witcher has wowed fans and viewers around the world. Netflix has captured the fascination of fans by releasing material like an interactive timeline and map for The Continent and a three-episode Behind the Scenes podcast. This week two short videos about the show were released with Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, giving in-depth analysis of a fight scene and swords.

Henry Cavill is known to immerse himself into his roles and was a big fan before being cast as the yellow-eyed monster hunter. His commitment, enthusiasm, and appreciation for the cast and crew of The Witcher come through when he breaks down the Battle of Blaviken in episode one, shot-by-shot. Cavill tells how the stunt choreographer, Wolfgang Stegemann, created a story in the fight between Renfi and Geralt. “Two people, in a dance, and through that dance, a story is told.”

In video two, Cavill gets his witcher nerd out about Geralt’s swords and what makes them unique.​ Witcher swords are the tools of the monster hunter and Cavill explains how swords were used in filming fight scenes. He also dives deep into the story behind why Geralt adorned his sword with Renfri’s broach after she forced him to kill her. It is a reminder “not to get involved in the affairs of men.” Cavill was also involved in the redesign of the sword hilt, so he can twirl it easier in fight scenes.

Watch Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher on Netflix.

Kimm is an independent researcher/writer/medievalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Became a fan girl at age 7 after watching Star Wars, A New Hope. A sci-fi fantasy nerd, comic and gaming geek, with fandoms including DCEU, Marvel, Star Wars, Supernatural, The Witcher, and The X-Files. Currently writing a book on landscape and place identity in the TV series, Supernatural as well as an academic article on medievalism in The Witcher. Can be found fan-crafting in between writing, researching and travelling around Scotland. On twitter @kimmcurran

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