Captain Marvel: Our Staff’s Reactions to the Film


Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The world finally got to see Captain Marvel make her debut on the big screen, when it released on International Women’s Day. Some members of our staff got together to give their opinions and reactions of the film, which you can read below.

Captain Carol Danver’s entrance into the MCU was nothing short of breathtaking. I have always been a fan of the comics and of her character, and I went into this movie with very high expectations. And as per usual with Marvel, my expectations were met and exceeded. Brie Larson did a wonderful job bringing Captain Marvel to life. Captain Marvel had me captivated from the very first scene until the final scene. Now, I don’t want to go too much into detail here, I want to make sure this is spoiler free for everyone who hasn’t been able to see it yet. What I will say is that Carol and Fury’s banter and teamwork was amazing and the scenes with Maria and her daughter were an emotional roller coaster making me both laugh and cry. Jude Law did a great job with his character and I loved the costuming for the Kree and the Skrulls. Also, the mid-credits cut scene was perfect, and just like the movie, didn’t disappoint.

The 90’s theme was definitely there; I found myself singing along to most of the music they had, tapping my feet and bopping in my chair. And hey, who remembers pay phones? Carol’s method of using them would have saved me and my parents a lot of money when I was younger. The Blockbuster entrance made the 90’s child in me crack up. I remember going there all the time, and when she picks up the VHS cassette, my friend and I looked at each other and said, “Be Kind and Rewind”. This movie and its cast did a great job with Carol’s backstory and blending her into the Marvel Universe. There were so many twists and turns, each one beautifully set up and played out by the cast. Of course, I can’t let this reaction go without a nod to Goose the cat. Thank you Goose, and thank you to the MCU cast and crew for giving us another reason to stand up and cheer…after the credits are done of course. I will be going to see it a few more times to make sure that I haven’t missed any details.


Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Courtesy of Marvel Studios

I went into the movie with high expectations. As a fan of the Marvel franchise, I’d been waiting for a female-led movie for a long time and the build-up and promotional material all looked very promising, which is why I was scared I was going to be disappointed. I was not. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.

The film had me in tears at its very opening and at several points throughout – not because there were so many sad scenes, but because it was so empowering. If I had to describe the feeling seeing this movie gave me, it would be an, “I can do anything” attitude. Brie Larson did a marvelous job portraying the character of Carol, making her relatable and admirable at the same time. Brie plays Carol with such passion and love, her journey as a character is wonderfully shown in subtle movements, humor and strength. Her origin story is told in an unique way that made the storytelling compelling and instead of being easy to follow all the time, it was interesting to see the reveals along the way.

Of course I need to mention the much-talked-about “90s vibe” this film was supposed to have. As a true (non-American) “90’s kid”, some of the references might not be relatable for my own childhood, but the images, songs and clothing contributed to the overall feel.

I had too many favorite parts and some would contain spoilers, but I especially loved the banter between Carol and Nick Fury, the scenes between Carol and Maria Rambou and her daughter. Also, the film had a great dynamic, with twists, turns and unexpected developments.

In conclusion I would say that this film does a great job in setting up Carol Danvers as a vital part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and meets all of my expectations, it probably even exceeds them. I will definitely watch it again and again, and I suggest that you do, too!

– Conny

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel, Courtesy of Marvel Studios

I never go into a Marvel film hoping that I won’t be disappointed because Marvel hasn’t disappointed me yet. This still holds true for Captain Marvel. I went to the theater with my 9 year old son, who was just as excited as I was to see it.

Carol Danver’s backstory was intriguing and well told. Brie Larson’s portrayal of the character was phenomenal and she had me hooked the moment she came on screen.

The throwback to the 90’s was so fun; with the nods to old-school gems like Blockbuster, pagers, and payphones. Also, I was so thrilled with with the soundtrack, much to my son’s dismay as he was pretty out of the loop (I maybe made him listen to the songs with me later on).

The banter between Carol and Fury kept me laughing, the Skrulls were quite funny, and my son and I adored Goose. I wish I could go on and on about this film, but I will not give away spoilers.

My son put it best when he turned to me after the credits rolled and said, “Mom, I think Captain Marvel is going to save everyone.”

– Natasha

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel is a smart, empowering and entertaining new addition to the Marvel franchise. Brie Larson is perfect and her camaraderie with Samuel L. Jackson is fun and intriguing. Alongside Larson and Jackson are equally stellar performances from Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, and Lashana Lynch, delivering complex characters and relationships.

I did go into the theater with high expectations of the film, as I do with every Marvel film, and none have disappointed me yet. But there is something about Captain Marvel; an energy, a sense of vindication and solidarity. Carol Danvers story is compelling from start to finish, ultimately proving to herself, and more importantly, to all the young boys and girls watching her story, that her power comes from within. Captain Marvel is an enthralling masterpiece and Danvers is a welcome character in the MCU, sure to be a major player in Endgame next month.

The 90’s throwbacks and soundtrack give the film a cool vibe, the anticipated cameo is touching, and Goose the cat is an unexpected and delightful addition. There is a perfect balance of humor and sincerity, Danvers’ story delivered in a way that kept me interested the entire time. The plot is solid, the story easy to follow, and the characters well-developed. I left the theater with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, the first comment to my husband being: “Thanos doesn’t stand a chance”.

This film truly made me feel proud to be a woman. Thank you to Brie Larson and Captain Marvel for showing our children – and our girls, especially – that women are superheroes too.

– Sydney

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel, Courtesy of Marvel Studios

To say my expectations were high before I walked into the theater is an understatement. We’ve seen fantastic movies from Marvel, and the trailers, interviews and build up to Captain Marvel set the bar astronomically high. Well I am here to tell you that Brie Larson as Captain Carol Danvers blew past every one of them. From the moment she appears on screen Larson wholeheartedly sold me on Captain Marvel.

It was also great to see Nick Fury’s first real encounter with ‘aliens’, and the undeniable proof that humans are just one of many races throughout the universe. As always, Samuel L. Jackson gave a great performance as Nick Fury, and his on screen chemistry with Brie is something to behold. The two have perfect comedic timing with several laugh out loud moments including more than a few jabs at the archaic internet of the 90’s.

The high moments of the movie are perfectly balanced against the darker, more emotional scenes that would touch even the coldest of hearts. Brie’s portrayal of Captain Marvel is one of empowerment and carries such an important message for all the children who will be looking up to her as the grow up, that your power comes from within and emotion is not weakness.

I want to keep this spoiler free, but it’s safe to say that Thanos better watch his back, because ladies and gentlemen, Carol Danvers has arrived.

– Brianna

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