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‘Supernatural’ Is Back With New Clip From Shaving People, Punting Things

The amazing people behind Shaving People, Punting Things have dropped another video

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The CW Announces ‘Supernatural’ Season 14 Finale Air Date

We may only be a week away from the mid-season premiere of Supernatural,

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New ‘Supernatural’ Season 14, Episode 9 Promo Released

The CW released a new promo of this week's episode of Supernatural entitled "The

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‘Supernatural’ Ratings Hit Season High with “Byzantium”

If you tuned in to the eighth episode of Supernatural's 14th season this week,

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‘Supernatural’ Season 14, Episode 8 Review: “Byzantium”

This was always going to be a painful episode, and boy, it

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‘Supernatural’ Season 14, Episode 4 Recap: “Mint Condition”

Happy Halloween! This Halloween-inspired episode, "Mint Condition", was written by Davy Perez and

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’Supernatural’ Season 14, Episode 2 Recap: “Gods and Monsters”

Supernatural is back with an all new episode, “Gods and Monsters,” directed

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‘Supernatural’ Season 14, Episode 3 Promo – Watch Now!

Next week's episode of Supernatural is called "The Scar," and you can watch

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Recap: ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 14, Episode 2 – “Starter Home”

SPOILER ALERT: Plot details for Criminal Minds Season 14, Episode 2 “Starter

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Recap: ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 14, Episode 1 – “300”

SPOILER ALERT: Plot details for Criminal Minds’ Season 14 Premiere, “300,” will

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