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Limbo Jewelry Receives Philanthropic Award, Thanks Danneel Ackles

The Austin Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals has awarded Limbo

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Limbo Jewelry Adds “Danneel” Engraved Tags to Link Collection

Earlier this summer, Danneel Ackles partnered with Limbo Jewelry to launch her

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Inside Danneel Ackles’ Limbo Jewelry Launch Party

When the doors of Limbo Jewelry opened at 6 p.m. for Danneel

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Danneel Ackles Announces Jewelry Collaboration Launch with Limbo Jewelry!

Danneel Ackles, previously seen on One Tree Hill and frequent guest star on Supernatural, appeared

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Danneel Ackles and Limbo Jewelry Announce Launch Party Giveaway

Recently, Danneel Ackles announced that she and Limbo Jewelry were partnering to

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Danneel Ackles Announces Jewelry Collection Collaboration with Limbo Jewelry

Beloved Supernatural fan favorite, actress and style icon, Danneel Ackles is teaming

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