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Get Creative in the Kitchen with ‘Disney Eats’

Disney Books has put together a cookbook like we've never seen before.

Brianna Brianna

First Look at New Cover for ‘The Queen’s Council: Rebel Rose’ From Disney Hyperion

Rebel Rose is the first book in the new Queen’s Council series

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Review: ‘Disney Chills: Part of Your Nightmare’ Will Give You Goosebumps

Sporting the tag line "the dreams that you fear will come true," Disney

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Review: Cruella De Vil Tells All in ‘Evil Thing’ by Serena Valentino

Styled as memoir in Cruella's own voice, Evil Thing is yet another

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Disney Edition’s Releases New Book ‘The Art of Disney Costuming: Heros, Villains and Spaces Between’

Celebrate the imagination, passion, and attention to detail invested in each Disney

Kailin Kailin