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‘Vespertine’ Review: An Eerie and Riveting Series Opener From Margaret Rogerson

In just a few days, NYT bestselling author Margaret Rogerson is kicking

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‘White Smoke’ Review: A Terrifyingly Good Story From Tiffany D. Jackson

Tiffany D. Jackson’s next book, White Smoke, is almost here. And just

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Review: ‘Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You’ By Misha Collins

Turning the proverbial page in his career from his long-time stint on

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‘So Many Beginnings’ Review: Bethany C. Morrow Brings a Thoughtful Perspective to a Beloved Classic

In So Many Beginnings, Bethany C. Morrow is returning to the classics.

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‘Fast Pitch’ Review: Nic Stone Hits Another Home Run

Batter up! Fast Pitch, Nic Stone’s next book, is almost here, and

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‘The Witch Haven’ Review: An Enchanting Debut From Sasha Peyton Smith

Sasha Peyton Smith’s debut novel, The Witch Haven, is almost here! Set

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‘Rise to the Sun’ Review: Leah Johnson’s Sophomore Novel Is a Romantic and Joyful Triumph

Leah Johnson made waves with her debut novel. Now, she's back with

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‘If The Shoe Fits’ Review: A Chic, Modern Twist on the Classic ‘Cinderella’ Fairytale

If The Shoe Fits is bestselling author Julie Murphy's first foray into

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‘This Poison Heart’ Review: Kalynn Bayron Weaves a Fascinating and Magical Tale

Kalynn Bayron’s much-anticipated next book has officially arrived, and it’s not to

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‘Blackout’ Review: A Charming Read That Absolutely Shines

The YA team-up for the ages has arrived at last. Powerhouse YA

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