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Bob Odenkirk to Star in AMC’s ‘Straight Man’ Series

Even though Better Call Saul is coming to an end this year,

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‘Nobody’ Is Coming Soon to Digital, 4K, DVD, and Blu-ray

Universal Pictures' Nobody will be available on Digital beginning June 8, followed

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Bob Odenkirk To Release ‘Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama: A Memoir’ in 2022

Bob Odenkirk is staying busy! Next year, Random House will release Comedy

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Review: ‘Nobody’ Throws Punches That Don’t Quite Land

Warning: Mild Spoilers Below! Nobody tells the story of Hutch Mansell --

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Bob Odenkirk Continues to Take Names in New Teaser for ‘Nobody’

Bob Odenkirk's (Better Call Saul, The Post) latest film Nobody premiered a

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Check Out the Trailer for ‘Nobody’ Starring Bob Odenkirk

A trailer has been released for Universal Pictures' Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk

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