Tuesday, January 31, 2023

‘Welcome To Derry’: ‘IT’ Prequel Series In Development From HBO Max

TELEVISIONHBO Max'Welcome To Derry': 'IT' Prequel Series In Development From HBO Max

Following the two successful movies, IT: Chapter One and IT: Chapter Two, HBO Max has begun development on a prequel series for the franchise.

Welcome To Derry is the current title for the project and will be set in the 1960s leading up to the events of the successful 2017 movie that spurred this franchise. The story will apparently feature the origin story of Pennywise the Clown and the beginnings of the 27-year curse that haunts the town of Derry.

Andy Muschietti, director for IT: Chapter One and IT: Chapter Two, will executive produce the series along with Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs. Warner Bros. Television is the studio producing the project, with Warner Bros. having produced the two films. It is currently unknown if any of the cast members from either movie will return for the series.

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The franchise is based on the novel by Stephen King, IT, which was published in 1986.

This news was first reported by The Ankler. As this series is still in early development many details are unknown thus far. Be sure to follow along with Nerds and Beyond as the series comes to light!

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