Numskull Is Getting Ready for Spooky Season With New TUBBZ Horror Collectibles and Halloween Sweaters

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Fall is finally here and with it came Spooky Season. So get ready with new horror themed TUBBZ collectibles and/or a pair of Halloween sweaters exclusively from Numskull.

The TUBBZ collection will include six new Horror themed cosplaying duck figurines. You can check out a quick look at the six in the following video, then catch full descriptions of the new ducks below.

Straight from Hammer House of Horror are:

Dracula: Sticking out like a sore thumb, check out that infamous hairline. He’s wearing his black cloak and those fangs are on show. He’s definitely ready to pounce this Halloween.

Frankenstein’s Creature: This Creature has been through it, just look at him with that pale, thin skin showing his veins, angry scar on his forehead, bulging eye, and wrapped in chains. No wonder he’s raging!

The Mummy: Even under all those bandages we can see an angry duck trying to get out.

Werewolf: His life in the pond was doomed from the day he was born… a child born on Christmas Day was destined to become a werewolf, or a duck?


Joining the Hammer House of Horror are icons from Gremlins and Child’s Play:

Gremlins – Stripe: The chief antagonist of the duck pond, you won’t miss him with his white “mohawk” and those terrifying teeth.

Chucky: the most terrifying doll in the history of dolls. One look at this guy and he will be giving you nightmares on any night, not just Halloween.


Then, if cosplaying ducks aren’t quite up your alley, Numskull also has two spectacularly scary new Halloween sweaters. One features the famously terrifying antagonist of IT, Pennywise, and the other a collection of infamous ghouls — Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.


If these ducks or sweaters are your spooky jam, make sure to head over here to grab one (or more) for yourself.

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