Alistair Petrie Hints at the Return of a Vital Rebel General in ‘Andor’

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Big news for anyone who is already in The Mandalorian withdrawals or needing their next Star Wars fix! Alistair Petrie, the good General Draven of Star Wars: Rogue One, hinted in a special Sundance 2021 interview with us that Draven just might have an important role to play, or possibly at least make an appearance, in the new Andor series – a thriller following the exploits of spy Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) – coming to Disney+.

General Draven is the Rebel general heavily involved with intelligence missions. In the novels and comics Draven set into motion many of Cassian Andor’s undercover missions. To put it in James Bond terms – if Andor is Bond, then Draven is M. And since Andor takes place before the events of Rogue One it might be possible that we will get a glimpse of Draven in the role of Andor’s handler.

Petrie had this to say:

“The good general is very much a part of Andor’s (as in the character himself) story. So, I think, from my perspective and the creator’s perspective, it would be highly remiss if the good General Draven doesn’t at some point appear in the onscreen televisual life of Cassian Andor.

Also I have so much kompromat, so much information on the likes of Tony Gilroy, that if he doesn’t put me into the series then I will release so much information it will make your eyes water. Basically my appearance will be purely based on bribery and corruption.”

He also went on to extoll his love of Star Wars as a whole:

“I was always a massive Star Wars fan. I saw the first film in the cinemas when I was a kid in 1978. And I spoke with Gareth Edwards who directed the movie about this and I emailed him when we finished shooting and thanked him for the opportunity and the privilege of being in that galaxy. I genuinely felt like a kid who stood up from the old leather seventies seats in an old cinema and walked down the aisle and climbed into the screen. And it still blows my mind that I have a small foothold in that pantheon. It astounds me genuinely. I never took it for granted then and I certainly still don’t today.”

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