Monday, October 3, 2022

Kieran Culkin and Dan Levy Interview Each Other on Variety’s ‘Actor on Actor’

CELEBRITIESKieran Culkin and Dan Levy Interview Each Other on Variety's 'Actor on...

Last week on Variety’s Actor on Actor series, Kieran Culkin and Dan Levy interviewed each other via video chat.

They talked about the similarities between their shows and characters, where both played spoiled sons with a lot of family money. Culkin has played Roman Roy on the HBO series Succession for the past two seasons, while Levy brought David Rose to life for six seasons on Schitt’s Creek. From there, they talked about their co-stars, which led to both praising actress Catherine O’Hara and her comedy.

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When asked how the iconic comedy Schitt’s Creek started and how Levy brought the idea to his father, Eugene Levy (Finding Dory), he said.

“at the time was kind of a grain of a concept about a wealthy family who loses their money… What do these people look like when they have nothing? And that became the seedling that grew into the show.

It was really just wanting to satirize and explore the level of wealth that we’ve all become accustomed to, and I think for me speaking about our show, our budget is the first two seconds of your show. But both kind of are examinations of wealth and what it does to people. My show is sort of if your family were to lose everything and really have to refigure their lives and their priorities. So, it’s like, hopefully, they find love and the meaning of the true value of love and that it can’t be bought.”

You can watch the full video of Kieran Culkin and Dan Levy, talking below!

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