REVIEW: ‘The Flash’ – Season 3, Episode 7: Killer Frost

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Before we kick off the crossover-palooza about to happen between the CW’s DC shows, let’s take a look at how the team in Central City ended up before Thanksgiving.

Savitar: Looks like we’ve got a full-blown cult happening here. And, thanks to Caitlin & Cisco, we know that they’re not entirely invulnerable. Hopefully we’ll get more information on this cult, how it was formed, and what Draco… I mean Julian has to do with all of this as Alchemy. (I KNEW he wasn’t there just to be a thorn in Barry’s CSI side!) On a side note, I feel they should have used less CGI and more costuming for Savitar. It’s… too much, in my opinion, and it very much distracts from the story.

Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost: When I saw Cisco’s “vibe” of their future, you have no idea how much I was hoping what he saw was just them sparring or something together. And, while what we saw out on the streets between them looks similar, it was far from the same, so I’m still hoping they form a partnership with the new “colder” side of her personality. It has to be tough, knowing your powers can help people, but at the same time you become cold-hearted. She’s basically seen her fears come to life in this episode, but Barry’s “truest” power, Hope, brings her back.

Speaking of Barry… Oh boy, did he really get both barrels of the guilt and shame gun this episode. Everyone on his team found out just how much of their current issues are because of the Flashpoint divergence. Nobody is happy with him right now. Of course, they all still love him, but when you find out that basically everything wrong in your life is Barry’s fault? That’s going to strain both friendships and partnerships, and should show in episodes to come. And now, he’s out of the CCPD, possibly without a roommate (He moved in with Cisco, who’s not very happy with him right now) and with a bunch of pieces of his life to pick up & put back together. We’re definitely heading into the future on shaky ground.

Can we give a hand to H.R. for giving some useful advice and suggestions here? This episode really had him as a useful member of the team, and not just elevated comic relief. Maybe this is a turning point, where H.R.’s skills begin to shine, as he begins to prove why he was the face of the company in his universe.

And last but not least, Wally. Joe’s instincts had him cutting Wally out of his cocoon thing early, which seemed like a bad idea at the time. But what if… What if releasing him early allowed him to avoid whatever controlling aspects Alchemy normally has over the people that are converted? Either way, I’m glad to see him finally get his powers, and look forward to seeing him develop his super hero abilities. Even though I think there are way too many speedsters in the story.

This week and beyond: Prepare to watch every single DC show on the CW in order to keep up with the crossover!


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