The Flash, Season 3 Episode 6: Shade

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I’ve gotta hand it to Berlanti, the episode titles are pretty straightforward with both The Flash and Arrow. Our Meta this week? Someone who can basically become a shadow by speeding up their molecules. In spite of the title, the Meta-of-the-Week isn’t the main issue in this episode. In my opinion, they rely too heavily on using various forms of speed manipulation for their MOTW, and seem to solve their weekly troubles way too often by starting with various ways of using Barry’s speed. He has a team behind him, and other than helping him locate the MOTW or create the occasional gadget, they seem to be less useful than previous seasons.

Wally West’s storyline gets thrust to the forefront, and it’s a painful one, as he really doesn’t want to accept that his new dreams might mean that Alchemy has plans for him. He wants so badly to be a speedster hero, his own ego/insecurities cause him to overlook the dangers of falling for Alchemy’s trap. Unfortunately, Alchemy seems to know almost everything, especially how to manipulate or torture someone into succumbing to their psychic calls. When the options are transformation or slow, painful death? It doesn’t seem like much of a choice. Thankfully, everyone bands together to try to help/save Wally as well as take out the threat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as planned. And the strange God of Speed, Savitar, does not seem to be a copy of the comic character. Am I intrigued? Yes. Do I feel that we have an overabundance of speedsters in this universe? Also yes. We need to cut back on relying on speed-enhanced villains as Barry’s Big-Bads in my opinion.’

(You noticed the fact that Julian conveniently disappeared right before the showdown, right? Hmmm…)

Kaitlyn Snow FINALLY told somebody about her “problem.” Am I concerned about Cisco’s vibe-vision? Yes. But as we’ve seen before in Berlanti’s work, the futures seen in his visions can be subverted, and we were only shown a small piece of the story. I would not be surprised if it is revealed that Snow and Cisco were sparring using their powers, instead of fighting. Her forgiveness of Cisco’s reveal to everyone else continues to point me in the direction of believing they will be able to work together to help prevent her from becoming the heartless Killer Frost persona.

*Make note of H.R.’s little toy that makes his face look different. Cisco’s going to reverse engineer that thing and make use of it in a later episode, I’m sure of it.

The Flash will be airing in its usual slot this week on Tuesday, November 22nd at 8 p.m.


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