The Flash, Season 3 Episode 5: Secrets and Trust

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On this week’s episode, “Monster,” things are not what they seem and some people need to learn to trust their teammates.

I know it wasn’t just me who has been waiting to find out what was “wrong” with this new version of Harrison Wells. H. R. sneaking around, being over-the-top, overtly goofy, and suspicious. Turns out he’s just a novelist, and the “idea man” more than an actual scientist. But gosh golly gee, he’s SO DARN EXCITED to be here! Here’s hoping he tones it down a little now that maybe he won’t be trying so hard to please. And stop calling Cisco “San Francisco.”

Caitlin, WHY are you going to your mother (biomedical researcher Dr. Tannhauser, played by Susan Walters) instead of trusting your team? Yes, writers, I see you and you remarks about her mom being “cold”. Yes, yes, this is wonderful background story. But Caitlin, honey. Talk. To. Your. Team. They are your friends! I want to grab this woman and shake her by the shoulders. At least we get to see more of the metahuman side of her come out, even if her powers also “freeze” her emotions.

Julian Albert is basically an adult Flash AU Draco Malfoy so far, with a couple minor tweaks. But he seems to be learning, and I’m still suspicious of him. He was put here for a reason, as so far most of the new additions have been related to Flashpoint, and usually metas. My bet is on Dr. Alchemy offering him the chance to be special. Also, Julian’s sure to figure out Barry’s secret by mid-season, he’s just that good.

The monster that wasn’t: OK, huge strange beast rampaging through town, causing “damage” but… Blown transformers, car accidents, and… no footprints or claw marks? But we have a twist! No metahuman this week, just a poor, bullied teenage nerd.

This episode was fairly weak story wise, but a fun to watch standalone.

Episode 6, “Shade,” airs on November 15.

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