Thursday, October 21, 2021

‘Inside Out’ Writers Josh Cooley and Meg LeFauve Talk Inside Out, Pixar and More!

Creative Screenwriting recently had a chance to interview Josh Cooley and Meg LeFauve, two of the screenwriters for Disney and Pixar‘s Inside Out.

The film, which was released last year, has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and Best Writing, Original Screenplay at the 2016 Academy Awards. It had previously won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Animated.

One aspect that sets Riley apart as a character is her love of hockey. Why hockey?

Meg: When I came in she was a figure skater, and Ronnie Del Carmen had drawn and created that beautiful sequence where Joy skates with Riley. It was really beautiful and emotional, so we knew that scene was essential to their relationship and that skating was important to Riley. I believe it was Ronnie who was talking about who Riley could be and her figure skating background, and I’m pretty sure it was Ronnie who said, “Well, what about hockey?”

I just went crazy. I thought that was the best idea I had ever heard because hockey lets her use all of her emotions. She can get angry, and it’s a team sport so it involves other kids. That was something we were searching for – something she could miss when she moved that involved a team.

You can read the entire interview at Creative Screenwriting!

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