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Youtube Gamer NickatNyte Talks Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, the Mega Crab Event and More!

We recently had the chance to do an interview with Nick, who is more commonly known as NickatNyte! Nick is a Youtube gamer who streams a lot of Supercell games, such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale. He’s amassed 660,000 Youtube Subscribers on his main Youtube channel, NickatNyte and over 50,000 followers on Twitter.

He took the time to share with us a brief insight to how he started, pro tips for Boom Beach, his thoughts on the Mega Crab Event and what he’s got in store for 2016.

Nerds and Beyond: What made you want to start gaming on Youtube?

Nick: I originally had a few older channels and from basically the middle of high school on through college I was just a huge gamer. I started off on PS2 [Playstation 2] for console gaming, before that I was on PC playing Starcraft right around 2000 and before that it would be Gameboy and Pokemon.

So, when I was in high school I started playing a lot of console games mostly with friends. It was pretty much Halo 3 on XBOX 360 that really got me into console games. Then, I just had a lot of free time especially going to three different colleges, so I was just posting videos, because I really liked the social aspect of gaming, on a couple different channels. Those were nytefox0, nickatnyteHD, and I believe I was working on our band/gaming music channel, borderlinedisaster all at the same time between 2008 and 2013. I mostly just did it for fun, I really didn’t see a career or anything out of it. So when it came time I was all done with school, I went for audio engineering, I then decided I was just going to take a chance and stop working at odds and ends jobs like Apple and bars and I actually interned at R. Kelly’s music studio here in Downtown Chicago.

I started in December 2013 right after Boom Beach came out in beta. I found that all my console gaming time had transitioned over to mobile gaming. I had a couple of iPads and I was just always on the iPad because of the ease of access, whether you’re out to dinner on your phone, or at home on WiFi with the iPad, you can be playing mobile games all day every day. That made me kind of switch, because I was like 90/10 console/mobile and now I’m more like 80/20 mobile/console. I saw a bunch of Clash [of Clans] Youtubers just starting to be able to gain traction and make channels their full-time job as soon as Clash of Clans got big.

I was into Boom Beach from the get go, and I thought, hey, I see these videos people are posting, I could make equal if not better content than most of them because I love video and audio editing, I know how to record gameplay and post it because I’ve been doing it for fun. I started a brand new channel, which is the main channel TeachBoomBeach or NickatNyte, and that is generally all SuperCell mobile games. I work vlogs and other different games to keep the variety there in now and then, but that was kind of my start. I’ve had just immense support from sponsors, partners, collaborators and then SuperCell itself has had me out four times now to their HQ in Finland to film specials, get behind the scenes look at updates and stuff like that.

I remember in December my first month I got 100 subscribers, then in January, my second month I had 1,000 subscribers. Then, I collaborated with a few guys that I was able to contribute to their video editing which needed some work in exchange for working with larger subscriber bases. Then I was up to 10,000 in my third month, 25,000 in my fourth month, and then 50,000 that spring, then it just kind of snowballed from there.

Nerds and Beyond: For someone who wants to start playing Boom Beach, what do you think someone should focus on first? Or what
do you wish you’d known when you were first starting?

Nick: The game’s changed immensely since the beta coming out to where it is today. Graphics, gameplay, balance, troops, there were just things that weren’t even in the game yet. Obviously these games are always evolving, so they’re always changing and what I say now may not even be relevant in the six months or a year from now.

But key things in Boom Beach, there’s just a few pro tips. Unlike Clash of Clans there’s no penalty for rushing your HQ up, it is the heart of your base and you kind of just want to rank that up all the time. Boom Beach can be played offensively or defensively. I tend to focus more on my offensive upgrades first because if you can take down all the bases on your map, you’re going to be getting the resources you need to upgrade your defense and it doesn’t really matter if you’re getting pummeled on defense. I just tend to lean towards an offensive based upgrade strategy when it comes to Boom Beach. Defenses second and then resource stuff third because a day of attacking and clearing your map will give you more than enough loot to get things done.

Nerds and Beyond: What’s another game (not Boom Beach or Clash of Clans) that you’re addicted to right now?

Nick: It’s actually the only game I’m really setting time for outside of mobile and that would be Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and specifically zombies mode only. I’ve been a big fan of zombies and my band, Borderline Disaster, started making Call of Duty zombie songs back with Call of Duty: World at War, which was Call of Duty 5 and that was on XBOX 360, Playstation 2. We continued on from World at War to Black Ops to Black Ops 2 and now it’s Black Ops 3 so zombies has a near spot to my heart. I love the game mode itself and it’s evolved mostly to have all the features of multiplayer like rank and all of that stuff, so it’s really cool to see how far it’s come.

On my iPad, Balloons does get me sometimes but Clash, Boom and Clash Royale, Supercell’s new game, are the core of what I play every day. I dabble with racing games like Need For Speed, but it’s mostly Call of Duty and Balloons TD Battles that take up most of my time in the day.

Nerds and Beyond: What/who is a Youtube channel that you’re subscribed to that you can’t miss an episode of?

Nick: When I was first starting my channel it was pewdiepie just because I think he’s a funny guy. I liked watching his style. [It’s] very heavily edited, too much profanity for my audience because it is a younger audience with mobile games, but I like watching his videos. Currently, though, it’s the upcoming vlogger who everyone talks about and just loves, Casey Neistat. The way he films his vlogs, his filmmaking style and overall personality. It really resonates well with me and gives me a lot of inspiration. He uploads one video, every day at 8am and I try to catch it in the middle of the day right before I start my recording process.

Nerds and Beyond: What are you watching/reading right now?

Nick: I’ve got to admit I’m not a big reader for books or comics, but at the end of the day it pretty much goes like this: Start the day off, get up and running, get the energy level I need. I never really record before 10 or 11am because I’m not awake yet. I’m not a morning person, hence my name NickatNyte and I get all of my energy at night. Once I go through email, Skype calls, collaborations, partnerships, anything like that, analytics for the previous day on Youtube. Then I’ll kick into gear when trying to close Skype and email and I get to work on recording which takes only an hour or two of my day. The editing is the majority of the day and all of the analytical stuff, the thumbnails, the data that goes with videos, the descriptions, when it’s going to go live, is it in a playlist, has it been shared to social media properly, how is it doing, what are people liking, what are people not liking, which companies do I have to talk to that are trying to get in touch. Do I have personal stuff to do that day, and then by the end of the day, if I haven’t played XBOX or anything or switched gears from sitting at my desk, I’ll generally just wind down with some Hulu or Netflix.

There’s a lot of good shows on Hulu, I like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, I just like that as a daily funny spin on politics because I’m not really into politics, but they just do it in a funny way. Other shows would be Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that’s a pretty funny comedy. Netflix has a lot of good shows that you can go through too quick like Narcos was a good show, I’m waiting for the next season there. I like Bates Motel, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is pretty good as well. I kind of just like a mixture of news because I feel out of the loop if I haven’t checked in on what’s going on with the rest of the world.

Nerds and Beyond: With the Mega Crab event now over, do you think it lived up to it’s hype? What is one thing you’d change for the event?

Nick: I’m very excited to see what happens after the Mega Crab, I don’t know what updates are going to be coming at all, we’re actually sort of in a dark period right now for Boom Beach with update news. So, it’s just kind of the daily events, clearing the map and hoping that maybe the Mega Crab or some other form of awesome event comes back because I wouldn’t change much. That basically made something you could do every day for a week and grind out so much loot and resources. By doing so, what they did was they made this base that gives you a ton of parts that normally take a lot more time to get. So, when I spent $100 on diamonds for the Mega Crab week, I used all of the $100 but I got the equivalent of spending about $400 if it wasn’t Mega Crab week because of how much extra loot is available from continuous attacking and boosting. I’ve never played more Boom Beach in one week then I did during the Mega Crab week, so all I have to say is I really do hope it comes back because both my audience and me loved it. I wouldn’t actually tweak too much because as a max player I made it into the 40s area, but level-wise people were making it up into 56, crazy levels, but definitely pumped to see what they do with that.

Nerds and Beyond: What is there for us to look forward to for NickatNyte in 2016?

Nick: So for 2016 I’ve basically told my audience a few different things. You can expect my core videos, like Clash, Boom and Clash Royale, to not really change much. I’m going to do one to two of those a day. Since there are now 3 key games that I play, the games will be rotating a little more. I do want to work in maybe once a week, once every other week just a random app store game, something that I think is fun and that I like. Sometimes sponsorships come your way and if the game is good I’ll say yes, that’s just kind of how Youtube works. A lot of times I just upload random games like Need for Speed on a second channel where there’s no sponsorship at all I just honestly like the game.

Also in 2016, I plan on revamping my website,, a hundred percent over, making it a lot more of something you’d actually get something out of as just another way to kind of watch episodes or social media links, or store links and stuff like that. I want to build a series – so many people ask – of beginner, intermediate and advanced mobile gaming Youtuber setups, showing anything from a laptop with a mic, a full-blown desktop, studio monitors, speakers, multiple screens setup with a high-end mic, like very advanced to very beginner.

In addition to a couple random games mixed in and a couple vlogs, I plan on attending a lot of the PAX events, which PAX Prime is in Seattle, PAX East is in Boston and PAX South is in San Antonio. I just got back from PAX South two weeks ago, but I’ve been to all of those now at least once and then E3 I was at last year, so I plan on doing all of those again this year. It’s a nice way to take a weekend off in a random city and make some good vlogging content. It’s cool to get out and actually meet people too.

So, between the core content, mixing it up with random games, then trips, specials and vlogs, that’s how I plan on my Youtube channel to innovate for 2016.

Connect with Nick here!:
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