Thursday, February 25, 2021
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‘Star Wars’ The Black Series Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX Elite Lightsaber Announced

As we all collectively recover from the epic season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, today's Mando Mondays drop has arrived, and with it comes...

Funko Releases New ‘The Mandalorian’ Collectibles

While season 2 of The Mandalorian is reaching its conclusion, Mando Mondays are still going strong. This week Disney and Lucasfilm released a new batch of merchandise in...

Topps ‘The Mandalorian’ Digital Collectible Cards for “Chapter 12: The Siege” Now Available!

Every week, fans of the hit live-action Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian now eagerly look forward to the latest merchandise drops for Mando...

Celebrate Mando Mondays With ‘The Mandalorian’ Digital Collectible Card Sets From Topps!

As if the Mando Mondays physical merchandise releases weren't exciting enough, fans also have the opportunity to collect exclusive digital trading cards from The...

Snack, He Must — ‘The Mandalorian’ The Child With Egg Canister Funko Pop! Revealed

In last week's episode of the Disney+ live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, the Child was exceptionally naughty. "Chapter 10: The Passenger" found the tiny...

Hasbro’s ‘Star Wars’ The Black Series ‘The Mandalorian’ Electronic Helmet Now Available for Pre-Order!

Today's weekly Mando Mondays reveal included an incredibly exciting addition to Hasbro's line of The Black Series 1:1 character helmets -- Din Djarin's epic...

New ‘The Mandalorian’ Products, Digital Content Coming Out On “Mando Mondays”

Mondays won't be so glum for Star Wars fans starting next month. Disney and Lucasfilm have announced "Mando Mondays," a new program that reveals...

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