Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Stands Releases Limited Edition “Thanks Boys” Embracelet Charm Celebrating ‘Supernatural’s 15-Year Run Coming To an End

"Don't you cry no more"... it doesn't seem like the tears will be stopping any time soon. Celebrating Supernatural's 15-year run coming to an end, specifically...

Stands Releases New Limited Edition Colt Embracelet Charm!

Another Embracelet charm has been released, courtesy of Stands! This charm is a miniature version of Supernatural's well known -- and well loved --...

Stands Releases Limited Edition Army Man Embracelet Charm Benefiting Animal Allies

Stands has unveiled yet another adorable Supernatural Embracelet charm! The Little Green Army Man (and this one is not crammed in the Impala’s ashtray) is a perfect...

Stands’ Rob Benedict Embracelet Charm Now Available!

Praise be to Chuck! Stands announced today that its Embracelet now has a new charm. The Rob Benedict charm, "The Winchester Gospels," is a replica...

Stands 2019 Embracelet with Misha Collins Charm Available Now!

New year, new merch. Just a week into 2019, online retailer and charity champion Stands has announced the Embracelet. A year-long endeavor, the bracelet...

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