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‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode 13 Review: “The Blood of Sanctum”

Previously on The 100: Octavia wants to fight side-by-side with Bellamy; Diyoza wants to name her daughter Hope; King Russell wants to purify the non-believers; the...

‘The 100″ Season Six, Episode 11 Review: “Ashes to Ashes”

Are we all still weeping over Bellamy's love for Clarke? No? Just me? Okay. I'm super stoked to see Bob Morley (Bellamy) directing this episode....

‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode 10 Review: “Matryoshka”

Floating in a little late this week, what with San Diego Comic-Con blowing up everywhere, but I'm here with the thoughts on episode 10,...

Eliza Taylor Joins Bob Morley, Jarod Joseph at ‘Space Walkers 5’ in Paris

UltimEvents just announced that Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin from The CW's The 100) has been added to their Space Walkers 5 guest lineup! She joins...

‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode Six Review: “Memento Mori”

Before I begin,  allow me to extend our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and love to The 100 stars Eliza Taylor and...

‘The 100’ Season Six Trailer Released

Be prepared to face your demons. With only a month to go until The 100 season six premiere, the official trailer has finally been released! The...

‘The 100’ Season Six Premiere Date Announced

Grounders and Skaikru alike, the anticipation is over. The CW has announced the premiere date for The 100 season six, along with the summer...

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