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Nicole just started with Nerds and Beyond this year. She's an avid fangirl of Supernatural and Marvel and loves being able to share her passion with the world through writing. Nicole spends her spare time volunteering with Random Acts, attending conventions and traveling. Her secret power is binge watching Netflix shows from her recliner and swimming in the Atlantic. You can find Nicole on Twitter at @historychick29

Newest Captain Marvel Teaser Trailer

Tonight, Marvel gave us another piece to the Captain Marvel puzzle, and they released another teaser during the BCS Championship game. It gives us...

Update on ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

After the success of the Doctor Strange character in his solo movie and Avengers: Infinity War, many of us have been waiting for a...

‘Travelers’ Season Three Premiere Date Announced

Travelers Season 3 finally has a definite release date. There were many behind the scenes pictures released during the filming of Season 3 this summer,...

10 Years of Castiel on ‘Supernatural’ – Season 11’s Biggest Moments

It's hard to believe we're nearing the end of our series celebrating ten years of Castiel on Supernatural. If you're just catching up, you can...

Jensen Ackles Explains ‘Supernatural’s’ Shorter Season 14

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural was interviewed by TV Line while at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and interviewer Michael Ausiello asked a pressing question the...

TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW: Briana Buckmaster Shines in Debut Album

Briana Buckmaster’s highly anticipated debut album “Begin” was released today, Friday, July 13, 2018. It was released to stream Spotify and Apple Music and is...

“Travelers” Wraps Up Filming for Season 3

Travelers wrapped their filming of Season 3 in Vancouver this weekend. Throughout filming this season, the cast really gave their fans a chance to...

Pride Month Character Spotlight: Damianos of Akelios

Welcome to the twenty third article in our Pride series for the month of June! Each day we will be highlighting a different LGBTQ+...

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