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When Melanie isn’t writing for Nerds and Beyond, she’s doing her best to make professional fangirl a thing. She loves writing fan fiction, drawing fan art, reading comics and binge-watching like it’s a professional sport. Her list of fandoms just keep growing, and will always cite Supernatural and Psych as her first forays into fangirldom. Though Nancy Drew will always be her first real fandom. Melanie works hard at making her art a career and has dreams of becoming a published author someday. You can find her on Twitter @FangirlLanie.

Interview: Jamie Scott Discusses ‘How Still The River’ and Making Music [EXCLUSIVE]

If you don't know Jamie Scott, you're missing out. He's an exceptional talent from the United Kingdom, having worked with artists such as One...

Nerds Rewatch: What We Noticed In Episode Five of ‘Prodigal Son’

This is an episode our rewatch group has been waiting to get to as we make our way through season one of Prodigal Son....

‘Love and Monsters’ Starring Dylan O’Brien Is Getting a PVOD Release

It looks like everyone will get to see Love and Monsters, originally titled Monster Problems, a little sooner than planned. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the...

Happy Birthday Misha Collins! Celebrating Misha with a Look at His Charitable Work and Causes

If you’ve heard of Misha Collins, you’ve no doubt heard about his countless contributions to charity campaigns and his dedication to helping others. He...

‘Leverage’ Revival Adds Aleyse Shannon to the Cast

With the Leverage revival underway and filming for IMDb TV, the show is starting to round out the cast with brand new characters. Joining Gina...

Peacock Releases Blooper Reel for ‘Psych 2: Lassie Come Home’

Psych fans got a little treat today! Peacock, the fairly new streaming service from NBC Universal, just released the blooper reel for Psych 2: Lassie...

Review: Jamie Scott’s New Album ‘How Still The River’ Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Jamie Scott is an incredible singer and songwriter, and chances are you have probably heard a song or two with his name attached. A...

Jamie Scott’s Album ‘How Still The River’ Available Now!

Jamie Scott's new album How Still The River is officially out now to download and stream! Following 2015's My Hurricane, his newest studio album is not...

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