‘Supernatural’ 2021 Calendar Available for Pre-Order Now!

Courtesy of Creation Entertainment


Creation Entertainment has added a new item to its official online store! Featuring studio quality images, this 12 by 12 inch limited edition 2021 calendar is a must-have for Supernatural fans.

Creation is also offering the possibility of a surprise bonus to anyone who purchases a calendar. Every one in 10 orders will receive a special surprise, while every one in 25 orders will receive an even better surprise!

This item is available for pre-order only and will begin shipping in late December. Please note that the Official Supernatural 2021 Calendar is the only item in Creation’s store available to international customers. All other Creation merchandise in the official store is only available for shipping within the U.S.

Remember, this calendar is available for a limited time only, so make sure to visit Creation’s online store to get yours now!


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