‘Tom and Jerry’ Are Headed to the Big Leagues in New Movie

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Tom and Jerry are back at it again, except this time, they are headed to the big leagues. That’s right, your favorite cat-and-mouse duo is headed to the movie screen, and where they go, trouble is sure to follow. Tom and Jerry are moving to New York and causing trouble for the new hire, Kayla (Chloe Grace Moretz), as she tries to navigate her new job at a prestigious hotel. She is informed of a mouse problem, and she is in charge of handling it. With a high-profile wedding on the horizon at the hotel, tensions are high. Tom and Jerry are reaching new heights in their feud that cause havoc for all parties involved. Also featured in this movie are Michael Pena (playing Terrance) and Ken Jeong (playing Jackie).

Check out the trailer below!

The release date for Tom and Jerry is tentatively set for 2021.


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