WATCH: Chris Pine Revisits His Rocker ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Counterpart With “Higher and Higher” Performance

Screenshot from David Wain's YouTube video.


The Wet Hot American Summer live read took place last week in support of the Biden Victory Fund, and although the full thing is no longer available to watch at this time, if you missed it the first go-around, fear not, because co-writer/director David Wain has uploaded a snippet from the joyous occasion. The video, a performance of the iconic “Higher and Higher,” has Chris Pine (as Eric), songwriters Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro, composers Bo Boddie, and Jherek Bischoff, Wain (as Yaron), and Elizabeth Banks (as Lindsay) stepping back into their iconic roles.

Check out the full performance below:

If you missed out on the opportunity to watch the first time, the whole live read will once again be available in December. Further information will be available on Wain’s website.


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