Christy Carlson Romano and Brendan Rooney Launch Podcast

Courtesy of the 'Taste of Fox' YouTube Channel.


Everyone’s favorite Disney star, Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of Kim Possible and Rey Stevens on Even Stevens, is launching a podcast with her husband, Brendan Rooney!

Romano has had immense success with her YouTube channel shows, including Christy’s Kitchen Throwback, where she brings suggested favorite childhood stars on to talk about their careers and cook something iconic from their franchise, as well as the recently launched Blindfold Bake Off, where she goes head to head with nostalgic personalities in a cake decorating competition.

The pair have also recently launched a cooking show on Hulu and Fox’s YouTube channel called Bucket List Bistro.

Now, Romano is dipping her feet into a new medium, podcasting. According to Deadline, the podcast is in partnership with Paradiso and is called Burn the Curtain — Romano and Rooney will bring celebrities in to discuss dealing with success, post stardom struggles, and other hard-hitting topics. Among the guests featured, Caroline Giuliani will discuss her Variety interview as well as her family relationship struggles. Jodie Sweetin will also be featured, and she will discuss her struggles with addiction as well as childhood stardom.


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